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I tried to update over

I tried to update over the weekend, but kept getting very strange error messages and the posts never made it. I don’t think I blame it on Blogger though, as my PC was acting flaky. It always acts flaky after I am on Napster. Do you think I would learn finally and reboot it after I finish downloading? Noooooo… (Duh.) It’s probably a good thing I didn’t post – I was in a bad mood for half the weekend. It is allergy season here now, and it gave me a headache. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong until I went outside to get in the car yesterday so we could head off to the annual Blue & Gold Cub Scout dinner and my cute little silver Honda Civic (that is *still* missing the molding) had a lovely yellow hue to it thanks to the oak pollen. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much though – Chelsey & her son Jordan got to come up to visit on Saturday for lunch and so we could catch up on the episodes of Friends and Will & Grace that she missed while she was on the Saltgrass Trail Ride. I had recorded them on to TiVo, but my VCR wouldn’t let me transfer them to tape. I have to turn my TV stand around and see if I have the connections set up right – before I moved to my current apartment I could do it. I must not have something wired right. But “it’s all gooooood…” I was happy to get to see her, and we are going to the Rodeo on Wednesday to see JoDee Messina. I have to drive in to downtown so she doesn’t have to take the shuttle alone, but it is the only way I could get her to go. I don’t mind the drive or the shuttle for that matter. Guess it helps that I took the bus to work in downtown for over five years.

Know what I hate? When people (namely men) tell you that they will call so you can get together… and then don’t call. I hate that. At least just pick up the phone and call and cancel. Tell me you never want to talk to me again. Whatever. That is less painful then the torture of the unknown. Grumble, grumble… I just had to vent about that. I am a very patient and a very understanding person – so it just irritates the heck out of me when people take advantage of it. On that note, I am going to go work on pulling out of this funk that I am in. I wore my new boots to work today – that helped. Funny how some cool, funky shoes can help any woman’s mood.

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