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Thanks Rick for filling me

Thanks Rick for filling me in on Mr. Rodgers. Just in case Blog Voices ever goes away, I have to add it here…

I think the idea of having Fred change his shoes at the beginning of the show is to make it look like he is coming home from a job like children’s parents would do as well. Wouldn’t quiet be the same if Mr. R was already home in his bath robe with a can of beer and a 3-day beard, I think he took the “I want to grow a beard” way to serious. 🙂

Oh my! The mental image of Mr. R in his bathrobe sippin’ a brew is too much for me to take after today. But you know what? My parents came home from work and changed – matter of fact, my Mom calls my Dad’s sweaters the Mr. Rodger’s sweaters because they are all cardigans – but they never put on tennis shoes! That is the part that always amused me. And you know what, I am STILL singing that darn song. No wonder I am in such a happy mood today.

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