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IE6 Buggy…

While Robyn ranted yesterday on the issue of pages suddenly being centered in IE6, Catherine talked about her pages being truncated when using a CSS layout. I just came across an article in A List Apart which addresses this issue. It’s not you – it’s IE6.0. By the way, I’m still using IE5.5 – so if my page has text that is centered in IE6, could you let me know? Everything should be left aligned. [via Meryl]

By Christine

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IE 6 is the devil! I had Todd put it on my Dell for a little bit so I could start correcting stuff…and oooh boy! What I wouldn’t give to kick Bill in the shins right about now. I can’t believe my sites have looked like this, all centered, and no one told me. :-\ Worse yet, they all thought I wanted it to be that way. Sigh…

i realize this is an old post, but i’ve just finished skinning my site and i’ve been informed that this centering problem is affecting my layouts too. how did you fix this christine!? thanks in advance!

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