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If They Were Purple…

After reading this article, “Carrots return to purple roots” with this information, “It was not until the 17th Century that they turned orange, when patriotic Dutch growers favoured the colour – as used on the national flag.” I am left with some questions… Would Robyn be happier about eating them if they were purple instead of the dreaded orange? Do purple carrots taste any different then the orange ones? [via BoingBoing]

By Christine

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6 replies on “If They Were Purple…”

I saw some of these carrots at the supermarket this weekend. They’re not so much purple as sort of a muddy maroon color. I didn’t buy any, but I might at some point just for the fun of it.

maybe we could grow a variety of colors, eh? so in 5 or 10 years they can have ad campaigns centered around picking the new mystery-carrot-color (ala skittles and m&m’s)… produce fun! Wheeeeee!

Well I don’t eat veggies so color wouldn’t make a difference in this instance…

However, that reminds me. While watching an old Notre Dame vs. texas game this weekend, Todd and Robbie started referring to the longwhorn mascot as “the uterus”. If you look closely, it does kind of resemble a uterus and fallopian tubes. So of course, all the “UTerus” jokes started flying after that. I will never look at their helmets the same way again!

I won’t use the purple or the … even worse … green Ketchup. That’s just gross. I like my ketchup red, thankyouverymuch! But I think I’d be ok with purple carrots. Although in my mind they’re supposed to be orange.

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