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I’m A Survivor…

Shea posted a weak attempt on her blog to save herself last night. She didn’t bother to give anyone guidance on who to vote for instead of her, which means any votes she gained probably cancelled each other out.

Today she stooped to saying random rude things about me. No, she didn’t pick on anyone else, just me. Because I’m “very blah” in her book. Well, as a matter of fact Shea, Google considers me to be number 1 and 2 for “blah”, so I guess it’s appropriate that you feel that way.

The best response on the boards was from frogbuster666, “Even in the final hours Shea attacks the nice girl next door. Rusty begged us to vote her out. She threatens voo doo dolls. Shea is like a yeast infection that keeps itching that won’t go away. Vote now.” I couldn’t stop laughing!

But how she feels about me doesn’t matter – because WE HAVE THE POWER!!! Tonight’s poll results:
Rusty: 17 votes | Me: 27 votes | Shea: 73 votes
Hmmmm… and here they were knocking me on the message boards this morning too, thinking that today was my time to go! But they were wrong, and Shea is gone!

Now we are down to 5 players, and just a few more rounds of voting. I’ll be shamelessly begging for help – I won’t deny it. But I’ll make a deal with you! YOU can dictate what I post in the game blog! YOU can tell me what to do and what to talk about this weekend! And when I post over there, YOU will, of course, get credit! Come on! Tell me what to do, what to say, what to talk about. The only thing that will stop me is if it’s illegal! So leave your suggestions in the comments!

While proper thanks for everyone will come tomorrow, I want to take a moment to thank Ed for all of his guidance & support throughout this game. I also wanted to post what Ciscley posted on the message boards tonight here. It’s been a really long & stressful week, and I was moved to the point of tears by this…

“Listen to your Master” by Ciscley
EdK: “listen to your master, that’s what he’s there for.” HAHA! Oh I love that. LOVE it!

Ken: Thanks for the link with the photos and the spelling. It was definitely the most creative yet.

Pasdquoi (which is such the cool name, btw): Was that supposed to be snark? Maybe I should send my snarkometer in for repairs, cause neither the Chaff vs. Wheat comment or the latest post is registering as snark for me. Though I do appreciate you introducing a word into the game that keeps bad puns running through my head. (In southern parlance chaff and chaps sound very similar.)

Precocious: “Christine! you say.” Hell Yes! I’m sorry if her enthusiasm for the game and eagerness to bridge the gap between her wealth of blog readers and the meager audience that normally resides here threatens your big fish, little bowl ego, but it’s precisely because she doesn’t play this game in a vacuum that makes her wonderful.

This is called Big Blogger not Big Snarker. Being a blogger is about more than being a pundit. Or at least being a good one is. It involves a level of sincerity and frankness that few other mediums call for. Even if you just judge from her posts here alone, Christine has that in spades. Most people when they get criticized in a game like this fall back on some version of, “That’s ok, they
don’t really know me anyway. That wasn’t me. That was a game.” Christine will never say that because everything she writes *is* her. If anyone ever inspires her enough for the whips and chains to come out, they will. And afterwards she won’t be one of the ones saying, “Oh I didn’t mean it! It was just a game.” Cause she’ll mean it, and you’ll feel it.

It’s one thing, all this play acting at being snarky or insulting someone’s sexuality (and that thing would mostly be uninspired Frat Boy drivel) but Christine’s thing is something else entirely. It’s charming and casual and so very real, so very void of all the internet trappings most internet people collect. Who she is in this game, who she is in her blog, who she is in real life, they’re all the same smart, sexy woman. And unlike the most devoted of Rusty’s bitches, Christine’s fans aren’t just names on a message board. Almost every single one of us is an actual personal friend of Christine’s, and I’ll be damned if I apologize for it.

I’m sorry if you’re jealous or bothered by the goodwill she has. I’m sorry if you really wanted to be on a webgame yourself but haven’t. But mostly I’m sorry to have to tell you but Christine is ten times the person any of us here are and that’s what makes me love learning more about her enough to be here every week reading and responding.

(Go read her response to a similar “nice equals boring” string from BlogWhore if you want more.)

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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I haven’t really been following this game, I admit, but in following your links, I’ve got to say that I find the visciousness a bit much. I think you can win a game like this without that kind of behavior–glad you survived and she was voted off.

Shea she disgusts me. I wanted to compare you as a “hint of musk” douche to her yeast infection but was afraid it would have been taken in the wrong context. “Girl next door” was better.
I’m shocked that she didn’t belittle Rusty in the end after his public announcement to save you. Watch him. Watch him like a hawk. Congrats on your survival this evening. Hopefully no more nominations for a while.

We get choose what your going to blog about on BBAS, hmmm?? Oh, this is one hell of an opportunity not to let pass. Of course my choice is to see some of those cleavage shots that you skated out of during BlogWhore. But you’re a young mother, so propriety and decorum must ensue. I’ll have to ponder this one for a while and get back to you on it.

I haven’t been following the game very closely either, but I was *way* peeved at the bitchy attack on you. God forbid someone should actually be NICE in the blog world.

Way to rise above it all, sweetie.

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