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I’m Avoiding My Biology Book Right Now…

I have a Biology lab practical on Thursday, followed by a Biology test next Tuesday (over a week away, not 2 days from now) and a Chemistry test this Wednesday. Wednesday is also Mike’s birthday. So I need to study for the Biology lab practical now so I don’t have to study on Wednesday night. I’ll still have to review, because we have to know a total of 35 phylum and class names for this unit. THIRTY-FIVE. I have issues with memorizing names like the phylums and classes. So far, out of the 35, I know phylum Mollusca and class Gastropoda. (Mollusks and Gastropods.) That isn’t going to cut it, so I am trying, hard. It just doesn’t “stick” for me though. Ugh. I’ll be SO GLAD when I am done with this Biology class!

I had to take a break, so I turned to the TiVo. I watched “Cheerleader Nation” and I’m totally hooked. It is about the cheerleaders of a high school in Lexington, Kentucky – which just so happens to be Mike’s hometown. His parents still live there. It is the public high school he would have attended if he had not gone to the Catholic high school. Every time they show the local scenery, including the trees changing colors in the fall, I point out that we should find him a job there and move. It is so beautiful there! Alas, the job is here, and he pointed out last summer when we visited that finding a job there in his field would not be easy.

But, man. What I would give to live somewhere with four seasons again.

Anyways, Cheerleader Nation is juicy but not too cheesy, with plenty of drama but not overly dramatic. Perfect for a study break. If you get a chance, check it out.

I guess I had better return to studying Kingdom Animalia now. Is it May yet?

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I’m just 20 miles east of Lexington. I wouldn’t necessarily call this area beautiful, but eh, to each their own. Incidentally, one of Lex’s two LYS’s is closing at the end of the month, and the remaining one is rather overpriced. The city’s SnB is rather active, though, and the shops of Louisville and Cincy are only a few hours’ drive away.

Kings Play Chess On Funny Green Squares; Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species

I know, you need more than that – I was just trying to help with mnemonics. I liked taxonomy, so it was easier for me – yeah, I’m a nerd.

No, no, no … King Phillip Came Over For Good Sex! 😀 That is the only way I can remember what order they go in half the time. Some people do better with taxonomy then others. Me? Not so good. I also can’t remember people’s names half the time, so it isn’t surprising.

Manda, I thought Lexington was absolutely gorgeous! I threatened to move in with my inlaws last summer because I didn’t want to return to Houston. The hills. The trees. The fences. The horses. Oh, I loved it all – and I don’t even like horses that much! Being able to sit outside in the evening without melting was also a very nice perk. Which LYS is closing? I bought stuff at both of them when we visited – Koigu at one, sock yarn at the other!

Have you been to Koenig Farms and their shop? Great deals and the owners are *so* nice. Close drive to Lexington, and I wanted to buy everything they sold while we were there. It was cool seeing the sheep and how they process the wool in person.

Don’t forget that Kokovoko is nearby too, making and selling spindles!

Well, I grew up in Florida, so I’m rather fond of sweltering humidity. 😉

The owner of Knit One, Purl One (the smaller store) has decided she wants to retire. I visited there Thursday (my first visit, sadly) and picked up some pima cotton for tank top at 30% off. Unfortunately I don’t drive, so I haven’t been able to visit any knitterly locations outside of Lexington. There was talk on the SnB list of a group hoping to open a new yarn store downtown by the end of the year – fingers crossed!

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