I’m Disappointed…

I’m so disappointed. I write a nice little snippy post about the fact that I think Bush is a nut case and that they lied to us all just to get our approval for the war in Iraq, and there are no trolls to play with? No one to tell me that I am completely wrong and Bush is right? Nothing?

Does everyone suddenly agree with me? I find that hard to believe. I just hope that people didn’t hold back and not comment because they were afraid I would slam them for doing so. I realize that not everyone sees things the same, and I happily welcome differing opinions. So come on – spill the beans!

By Christine

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I don’t agree with ya, but I’m a gun-totin’ NRA member, Republican, former US Marine, father of two, college student, and unabashed conservative. It’s not my goal in life to go on other people’s blogs and argue against their points of view anymore. I used to do that, but that was before this nugget of wisdom made itself evident to me: I have my own blog, and if I want to spew my conservative views as others spew their views, I should do so on my own blog. I think it’s only proper. Now, I know, some will argue and say that comments are solicited, appreciated, etc. That’s great, but nobody wants only sycophants and others that are patronizing or just paying lip service visiting their sites. Personally, I just think it’s less than polite to slam people on their own blog. If I want to slam someone, I’ll use my own dime. I think that it’s only fair.

Therefore, I’ll just say I disagree, and leave it at that.

And no, I don’t have some diatribe posted on my blog. Truth be told, I really don’t care about what people think of our President. He has as much to do with my daily life as Pee Wee Herman does.


Good points, EJ! I actually noticed a few months ago that my visitors generally don’t take to slamming or flaming in my comments, and I think that is GREAT. Intelligent discussion is wonderful, and I welcome that. I just observed tonight that if some others had posted the same post I did, there would have been 30 comments by now, agreeing, disagreeing, slamming and flaming.

I wrote this post in part to let people know that it’s ok to speak up if they disagree with me, and to clue them in to the fact that I won’t slam and bash them if they do.

I read somewhere earlier that they are still trying to prove that Duhbya is Pee Wee Herman. Now THAT is a scary concept!

Personally, I avoid political discussion unless I have a solid firm absolute opinion or fact to support my opinion.

I am a horrible debater and therefore refrain from the activity to save my own reputation. I like the president, so I’ll disagree with you; however, I have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation and I’ll leave it at that.

I think its excellent that you welcome all opinions on your site. I know there are many places where voices aren’t so free.

You are the embodiment of the American way, Christine.

*Music playing softly in the background, with flags waving and tears streaming down old men’s faces*

Right, you get the picture ;o)

I understand the silence, people are tired of the war, and don’t think highly of their elected officials. GWB’s reasons for getting involved over there don’t really matter now. Nothing is going to stop us from moving into another country (read Iran) if that’s what the powers that be in government want to do. CNN can run all the investigations they want, but in the end, they need access to the government to report the news. Any President is not above threatening a news agency behind the scenes that steps out of line. If you think this is a Republican-only trait, you need to think a little harder about it.

I have been reading a lot lately about the founding of this country, and some of the same issues that we are facing with the rebuilding and forming a new government in Iraq arose then. The fascinating thing is that the people who wanted to run things (our founding fathers) didn’t want to be beholden to the people alone (popular vote) because they didn’t think that the people could handle it on their own (sound familiar?). The people of Iraq don’t know how to run things this way yet, so it makes sense that we help them. If we don’t help from a distance in the near future, shame on us. Abandoning them in their time of need is just as bad.

I showed up in the middle of the compass just recently. I have been identifying myself with Republicans since the day I could first vote, but now I have a cynical opinion of both parties in the US. They are each about keeping the status quo and appearing to differ on major issues. If there is no one to fight, there is no reason to raise money. Both parties need each other to keep the machine going. As I watch the Republicans gain a majority without doing anything with it, I can see that both parties don’t want major change. They have us right where they want us.

Well, I KNOW you deleted my original comment that disagreed with you. I just KNOW it! 😉 Ok, maybe it disappeared “magically” – but since you invited me to say it again, I will… I think our government should be held accountable for all it’s actions, but I think it’s too soon to do so. I also think there may have been things (threats) we were not made aware of. If there was a threat, who exactly could we trust? It’s not like we can walk into the UN and say – Hey, you guys can keep a secret, right? We have some intel on a possible threat, and we need to nip this stuff in the bud. Here’s all the details… Remember France, Russia – don’t tell Saddam we know this stuff, ok?” Certainly, if this was really all for nothing – then I think Bush and friends should be held accountable… but I think it will take time. As for the government thing – I think if we just say “here’s your freedom – have at it” it could be very dangerous and unstable. I don’t think it’s wrong for us to help them in a certain direction and then let them take it from there. I don’t think that means we’re forcing them to be like us. I think it just means we have a little more experience with this stuff. JMHO (And don’t know if it matters, but I normally consider myself a democrat! LOL!)

I thought the administration’s conservative and religious agenda was frightening and I thought the war was a bloody disgrace. I felt strongly enough about both to leave the USA, permanently. So *I* am sure not going to argue with you! 😉

Seriously, though. I think that people are 1) tired of hearing about it and talking about it and 2) not even sure what they believe anymore. Sad, really.

I think Andrew Sullivan made the best point about this…

The fundamental case for getting rid of Saddam was not dependent on the existence of a certain amount of some chemical or other. It was based on a political and military judgement. Once the threat from Islamist terror was self-evident, it would have been irresponsible for any political leader to ignore the possibility of a future attack with WMDs. It was and is the obvious next step for an operation like al Qaeda. Further, the war against terror, from the beginning, was always directed not simply at terrorist groups, but at the states that aided and abetted them. The key point is that Saddam’s Iraq was a clear and present danger in that context. What mattered was not whether at any particular moment Saddam had a certain specifiable quantity of botulinum toxin. What mattered was his capacity to produce such things, his ability to conceal them, and his links to terrorists who could deploy them. No one can doubt that he had had them at one point, was capable of producing them, and was linked to groups who would be only too happy to use them. That was and is the case for getting rid of him. It’s as powerful now as it was in January.”

“the war against terror, from the beginning, was always directed not simply at terrorist groups, but at the states that aided and abetted them.”

Yeah, I always had an issue with that. The whole “War on Terror” thing. There has been terrorism since the beginning of time. We can’t possibly stop terrorism – it’s an impossible dream. The day that happens, there will suddenly be peace around the globe too.

It’s been 19 months since we were attacked. Nothing significant has happened in that time, and yet they refuse to allow us to let our guards down in any way. There is a war on terrorism after all! *sigh* I’m tired of living in a state of fear. I don’t feel any more secure than I did two years ago, but now I feel like the Bush machine is exploiting it to get their way and push their agenda through.

Some of us didn’t say anything because we thought you were right. Or at least that the administration is sufficiently either delusional or ignorant enough to believe their own propaganda about what’s going on in the Middle East.

I really distrust the idea that our government is keeping secrets from us or that the American people aren’t smart enough to cope with what’s really going on. As much of an elitist as I am, and I make no claims to be anything else, I have more faith in Americans than that. People who lie to me for my own good generally have something to hide. In this case, it seems to be either malfeasance or incompetence.

I’m willing to reserve judgement on the ultimate outcome of the invasion of Iraq, but the ultimate outcome depends on whether we can get a better government than Saddam Hussein in power. While we’re not done yet, early returns are not encouraging, nor is the look-ahead result in Afghanistan.

Yeah, I always had an issue with that. The whole “War on Terror” thing. There has been terrorism since the beginning of time. We can’t possibly stop terrorism – it’s an impossible dream. The day that happens, there will suddenly be peace around the globe too.

True enough, you can’t ever truly stop terror, but only in the same sense that you’re never going to stop say bank robberies either. Some people are just evil. What you can do is make the people responsible pay and pay dearly, and take as many steps as possible to prevent as much as you can. That’s what’s happening.

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