I’m Official! I’m Stampin’ Up!

Whooo hoo!!! I got my Stampin’ Up! kit in the mail today, and my welcome e-mail! Yeah! Whoo hoo!!!

I know Cat Christine and Jennifer wanted to get catalogs – anyone else? Let me know and I can get the details to you!

I went to a project night last night that Kathy invited me to – what a BLAST! I made some really adorable cards that I’ll have to take photos of and share. I’ll be going back next week to help Kelly out during the day while she has another workshop for some of her other clients – I figure it will help give me more experience in sharing my love of stamping with others! It’s SO much FUN!!!

The surreal moment of my day today? I mentioned an old friend that I lost touch with, Colleen, to another friend of mine last night. Today, we’re in Jason’s doctor’s office waiting for his allergy shot, and I looked around the tiny waiting room only to realize she was sitting RIGHT there. She had been there for at least 10 minutes, but we were both doing the polite “I’m not going to make eye contact” thing and hadn’t noticed each other. How bizarre is that? She’s now running a wedding/reception site that is also a Bed & Breakfast. It sounds really cool – I can’t wait to talk to her some more to get more details!

By Christine

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Wow this looks like such fun! Wish I lived in the US – we can’t get all this cool stuff over here… (not that I have the space to store or use it, but the dream is there!)

This is so cool, I finally got a chance to check out the site. 🙂 The la-dee-da stamp set reminds me of Chelsey with the bathtub girl 🙂
So if you end up with extra catalogs, I’d love to look.

Hi, I found your website by accident while looking for Stampin’ Up stuff. Where are you locate? I’m in St. Louis. I used to be a hobby demonstratory — just for fun and for the tax deduciton, no parties and if I sold something — great!.

Anyway, good luck with selling. Let me know where you are — I’m always looking for new people to stamp with! Enjoy!

Welcome to Stampin’ Fish!
For a while now Kathy has been making the most beautiful cards. She became a Stampin’ Up demonstrator and recently had a workshop at Christine’s house. Christine and I both got bit by the Stampin’ Up bug and she even

Are you set up for online ordering? I know when I sold CTMH there were a few reps that had paypal and the like set up.

I want to place an order, but all the reps here in MA are scary. Plus, why not help out an online friend?

Let me know what I need to do. Thanks!


Cute website! I stumbled upon this site by accident. I was surfing looking for the Stampin Up La Dee Da stamp set. Your cards are great!! Do you have a set that you are selling? Please keep me posted.
Thanks, Una

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