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I’m Only Watching for the Commercials…

Parisian HoneymoonThe TiVo is humming along, recording the Superbowl for me. I’ve been cranking out Trigonometry problems for awhile now – is it sad if I admit that they are somewhat fun? Of course, I’m only in chapter 2, so maybe I’ll feel differently as the semester goes on. I need to stop studying math and focus for a bit on Biology instead. I have to memorize a zillion things about Kingdom Bacteria, Kingdom Protista and Kingdom Fungi. Inane things like how bacteria reproduces. Ugh. I would rather stick a spork in my eye, but I want to keep up the 4.0 track record, so I’ll study. But I won’t like it.

Chemistry and Trig rock. (As does Photography, obviously.) But Biology? Blech. I’m glad Pharmacy is much more about Chemistry and math. The things that make sense to me.

After another Biology review, I’m going to watch some of the Superbowl. I’ll admit, I just watch it for the commercials. I had to ask someone on Friday who was even playing in it this year. Yeah, I don’t do football normally. I’ll work on my knitting projects inbetween the commercial breaks.

I’m wrapping up my “script” for the podcast, and I might get to record it tonight. Then Mike can help me with the techno end of getting it online. Yeah! Oh, it is going to be such fun!

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I didn’t even bother to watch it at all this year. The past few years, even the commercials haven’t been worth watching – so we just ditched the whole thing this year. No one does commercials like they did during the dot-boom days! Ah… the good ‘ol days! LOL!

I kept saying the same thing yesterday! I even pulled up the EDS “Herding Cats” ad. Man, I loved that ad.

Some of the commercials were funny, but nothing like they used to be. The GoDaddy commercials didn’t even make sense. Lame.

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