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In Memory of Mona, 1 Year Later…

In Memory of Mona

A year ago today I had to make the decision to let Mona go. Choosing to have her put to sleep was such a hard, hard thing to do. I know without a doubt that it was the right choice, she was 17 or 18 years old and so frail and ill. In the end, all she wanted to do was sleep on my bed. She was a great cat, and an excellent companion for 12 years. I’m glad she chose me that day that I found her at the adoption event at the local pet store.

When I adopted her, she had large bald patches of fur. They told me it was because she was allergic to the flea medication they had given her, but I learned later that she pulled her fur out when she was stressed. I didn’t care that she had the bald patches, I wanted her anyways. We had a special bond.

When March started, I realized that it had almost been a year. I recently bought a new phone, and as I backed up the photos on the old one last week I had to go back and look at these photos.

I realized as I went through the photos to find this one that I have a lot of photos I’ve never shared here. So many photos, just waiting in the wings.

I think it is time to start sharing them again. No particular order, just sharing the photos that I love and the story behind them if there is one. Something about thinking about Mona made me realize that is important to me. All those little moments in life that are worthy of being captured in a photograph — I want to set them free. Whether they were taken with the iPhone or my “big” camera, it is time to start featuring them here.

Thank you, Mona. Thank you for being my loving cat. There are still moments where I think I see you out of the corner of my eye – not often, but it happens at times. I like to think you’re still looking out for me.

Day 1 of 365. Photograph of Mona taken with my iPhone on March 24, 2012 in Houston, Texas.

By Christine

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I’m so sorry about your loss. Mona looks like she was a beautiful cat.

I love your idea with blogging about pictures found on your phone! Sounds like a great writing prompt!

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