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I know that Chris is a big fan of his PocketPC. I wonder if he has tried out Pocket Blog yet? It looks really cool, and it works with the Blogger API. I wonder if there is a Palm version out there somewhere? Because not all of us have PocketPCs, unfortunately…

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Avantblog looks like you have to be online while posting (since it has to authenticate your log-in.) My Palm doesn’t have wireless – I need to store my posts and then upload them to MovableType. I don’t think PocketLJ will work because I use MovableType, and LJ = Live Journal. But HandX just might do the trick! I’ll let you know how it works out!

I’ve used Meryl’s method with AvantGo too, but I’m looking for a specific software that’s sole purpose is this function for the Palm. Although Meryl’s way works great & I was thinking earlier how I needed to go post that URL too!

You don’t have to be online to use AvantBlog – it just stores the post and then the next time you synch your Palm it will make the post and publish your blog. The only problem with this is that it will record the time of that post as the time you synched (which is the time that the server gets it) and not the time you actually hit “submit”

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