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Interesting, But…

While this is interesting, how much time to you have to have on your hands to figure this stuff out? I mean, are you just sitting around one day, folding your twenty dollar bill and suddenly – wham-o! You realize that you’re seeing pictures in it? [via Daypop]

By Christine

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7 replies on “Interesting, But…”

I don’t like it at all. I thought it was going to be a link to something silly and probably perverted (shows you what kind of links I follow) but that just really left a sick feeling in my stomach. Just the tone of it, like it was a parlor trick, “Immediately See the Pentagon Ablaze,” is what makes it particularly bad.

While I agree with the above comments re the inappropriate handling of the subject matter, I have to admit that I do stuff like sit around and fold bills while on the phone. Some people doodle, I rip, tear and fold. Nervous habit maybe.

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