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The Final Race…

The final race of The Amazing Race 2 is over. While I don’t have a full review – I do have thoughts to share. I’m posting this as a “more” entry so that it’s hidden from people that might not want to see the results. Continue reading if you’re interested!

WARNING! WARNING! DANGER! 🙂 The results of tonight’s Amazing Race 2 finals are below. Don’t continue on if you don’t want to know the results!

Wow. What a race. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Meryl & I watched it “together” on IM. I was really excited about that because that was part of how we became friends – last season we had ongoing commentary sessions while the race was on. Good thing we both type fast.

We agreed that we weren’t really cheering for any team TO win, but we were definitely cheering for Tara and Wil to LOSE.

Tara and Wil proved something tonight. Being so evil gets you NOWHERE. At every turn they would seem to be in a lead and then fall behind – over & over. In Hawaii while scuba diving. In that INSANE move in San Francisco to try to “fake” where they were going. Whooo… that backfired, huh?

Wil was horrific to Tara. Meanwhile, time & time again Tara would yell at Wil & insult him – so it wasn’t entirely a one-way street.

I kept going back and forth at the end over who would win. Yes, I was SCREAMING when I thought it might be Tara & Wil. Or, as Meryl called them, Widiot and Terror. Soooo true. They lost that race for all the right reasons.

And how about that moment when they *LOST* their clue? Ohhhhh… that was HYSTERICAL!

Team Smiley was the silent background team most of this episode. I figured they might not win when I noticed that. They didn’t creep me out as much this time, and to be honest they really were good team players.

But the money goes to the Boston Boys. Thank goodness they could run faster then Tara does! And while I was cheering for Team Cha-Cha, the Boston Boys have always been among my farorite teams. I’m happy for them, I was glad to see them win.

Next season? I vote for NO MORE Ugly Hats!!!

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I watched it this morning after getting back from seeing Star Wars. It was amazing. I was dying laughing when they lost their clue and Wil was trying to say that he would have given the clue to the Boston Boys if THEY would have lost THEIRS. Yeah, as if! It was hysterical. I loved it. What a wonderful show. I kept pausing it and saying “I dont want it to be over”. 🙂

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