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Interesting, Very Interesting…

Since I spent half the week suffering from a migraine, it’s nice to know that they are looking at the causes and new treatments. Good news indeed.

By Christine

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3 replies on “Interesting, Very Interesting…”

Trust me I felt your pain. Last week I kept having migraines. I feel one sneaking back today. I’m trying to figure out whats the triger all of a sudden they are more frequent.I guess I should get myself a doctor.

Many years ago I was diagnosed with migraines and cluster headaches and hospitalized it was so bad.

Oh Christine! Headaches in general are such an unpleasant affair. I wish there was something that I can telepathically send … I just have oddles and oddles of good wishes though and hope you find relief.

I just got done with a round of rebound headaches from taking so much medication for the migraines the week before. I’m so sick of them. When the days with headaches outnumber the days without them… well, that’s why I’m going to see a neurologist. I’m so grateful for the people who are researching treatments.

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