Iron Chef on American Soil?

Hey Kymberlie – Iron Chef is coming to America. Just in case you didn’t know already I had to post the link here.

By Christine

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6 replies on “Iron Chef on American Soil?”

Not to totally dis the US, but I mean, look at Bobby Flay and his portrayal of “Americanness” both times he was on the Iron Chef. That’s exactly whan a US version of the show will look like. Ugh. No thanks. I’ll stick to the original.

I totally have to agree with Mar. We watched the Morimoto and Flay rematch last weekend and I was just embarrassed to be an American. He whined the whole time and I was so disappointed when he won. Also, moving the cutting board and then jumping on the cutting block just to annoy Morimoto was so low-class. I might give it a try, but I doubt anything can replace the original. I so love Iron Chef.

I totally agree. If you read the Yahoo article, I happen to like the inept-English language translation. Other than what they make, they way it’s dubbed keeps me amused. Besides, I can’t stand Bobby Flay. He’s just so annoying. I hope he’s not on the American version. I’d like to see new faces, not the ones we already see on the Food Network.

Well, somewhere between the fact that *WILLIAM SHATNER* will host it and the fact that it will be on UPN, I think everything makes Iron Chef what it is will be lost. Sad that the producers and UPN can’t figure that out themselves.

I saw the 2 shows and they stink,you can tell that the Americans will never lose a match,I was very disapointed ,the greasy food the Americans cooked and won,I will never again watch IRON CHEF AMERICAN again,Americans cook garbage and win,the show will not last long,I will watch the original one.

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