Oh la la. Pas possible!

I have spent a long time tonight reading through Rachel’s Daily Diary which I stumbled across thanks to Nicole. I was quite amused when I came to her 14 May 2001 post. This made me think of Kymberlie:

Those who know me will be shocked to read that I am fond of finding one phrase I like and repeating it ad nauseum (yes, I am being sarcastic). My favorite thing to say now is “Oh la la. Pas possible!” which is pronounced “Euh leuh leuh. Pah poh-see-bleh.” It’s French and means, “Oh my goodness. That’s not possible!”

Kymberlie, being the great pal that she is, met up with me today and we went to eat lunch together. I gave her back “Bridget Jones’s Diary” and she brought me the second book in the set. (Sorry, it’s on the counter, don’t remember the name right now) She also burned a copy of a CD that she bought at Hallmark a few weeks ago, “Music for a Stress Free Day”. I had a copy, but it disappeared a few months ago at the last job – since she really liked it she got one the day I was fired and hooked me up. Now I have a copy to take to the new job. See? What a pal. And only we can spend 2 and a half hours in the afternoon at Chick-Fil-A, huh Bella? Oh la la. Pas possible! Yes, 2 and a half hours. Last weekday without a job, had to take advantage of that long lunch.

After I left Chick-Fil-A I went in to Wal-Mart, “just to buy batteries.” I want to know what it is that they put in the air in that place. Instead I wandered all over the store, tried on shoes, jammies, picked out fake flowers (have to decorate the new desk – bright sunshine-yellow daisies). I could hear the rain start up, and I could tell it was a hard, heavy rain. I was just going to stay in the store & kill time … until I heard them page “the owner of a gray car with license plate G– —, your car is in dangerously high water” Hmmm. My car is silver, and the plate is D– —, just 1 letter off. (you didn’t think I was going to put the whole plate number, did you?) So I hightailed it up to the check out, bought my daisies, and went outside. Sure enough – I had to wade through the water to get to my car, and the water was about 2 inches, if that, below the door. ACK! There was a car 2-3 spots over, but otherwise the poor Honda was out there alone, about to drown. Now, if that wasn’t enough – I live right across the street from Wal-Mart. I go across 1960 to go home, and turn on to my road … and it is totally flooded. It had only been raining for an hour! Ok, I’ll try the other route. Nope, that way was flooded even worse. Here I was just telling someone yesterday how that subdivision never floods. So I back out of the flood waters and go to my parent’s house. (They are in the same subdivision as my apartment, about 8 blocks away.) It wasn’t flooded there, so I hung out there for over an hour. My Dad & I decide that he will drive me up as close to home as he can and I will just walk the rest of the way. Probably not too smart – fire ants, snakes, whatever else. Fortunately though the water had gone down for the most part, so we went back and got my car & I drove home. Well, I was supposed to drive home. I am really sharp though … I realized that I left Wal-Mart earlier without buying batteries. “Gee, I’ll run back over there.” Good idea – until it started pooring down rain again! Oh la la. Pas possible! (grin) I ended up having to drive through some water right in front of the apartment, deeper then I would have liked, but I made it at last.

By Christine

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