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It Just Tastes Better…

As Ken recently mentioned, there are Pepsi campuses and there are Coke campuses. (Coke the drink, thank you.) Back when I went to A&M, we had both drinks on campus, but I have noticed this change. So, which sort of campus was your school? And which one do you think is better?

Personally, I agree with Ken.

By Christine

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Just try the BYU campus – coke or Pepsi don’t matter as long as it is just decaffinated . . . make it the Root Beer campus.

My campus was and is a Coca-Cola campus. They’re big sponsors, especially for athletics events, so we have Coke signs and products all over the place. Since I don’t drink soda, the campus choice doesn’t really matter to me, though if I recall, I couldn’t really choose between the two — sometimes I liked one, sometimes I liked the other. I’d have made a terrible taste tester!

JMU wasn’t either – we had both on campus (thankfully) though I think all of the fountain drinks in dining halls were Coke. Definitely not a Pepsi fan, though I don’t drink much soda at all these days. Oh, and in MY part of the south, the generic word for soda is Coke 🙂

I went to the U of DrinkWhateverTheHellYouWant i.e. I didn’t go to college. I never even realized schools were Coke or Pepsi campuses – you can’t have both? Kinda like a restaurant!

Nope, you can’t have both if you want the free money. I don’t remember what Notre Dame was, though I know that had Mr. Pibb. University of Memphis was a Coca-Cola school which was great because I love diet coke and all the guys I worked with were addicted to Mello Yello.

And Christine, a Pepsi is a coke. Yes, yes it is. No, I can’t hear your screams. mwauhahah!

ROFL! It’s ok, I’ve been in Texas long enough to refer to a Pepsi as a coke too. It’s ok. It really freaked me out when I first moved here though – back when I was drinking pop. Everyone would say “I’m going to get a coke” and come back with a Sprite or something else. Uh? That’s not coke… Eh, I’ve learned to live with it!

I work for a cinema chain that’s sponsored by Pepsi. Therefore, I’m morally obligated to prefer Coke. Being forced to drink Pepsi at work doesn’t do much for my liking of the stuff (although I do admit that 7-up is better than Sprite)…

University of Kentucky is a PC school in that they switch sponsors every couple of years. For the past two years, we’ve been a Pepsi school (GAG ME!), and I’ll be gone before they return to Coke 🙁

i have had empy cans of Sprite twice in my 12 packs.. i was gone on vacation and noticed a musty smell in my basement……i discovered a 12 pack of sprite with many empy cans in it and under it of course black mold on my basement floor… none of the other brands of sodas have ever done this……..please address

Christopher Newport University is where i go! its in Virginia and its a Pepsi campus. Either way i dont drink much soda, but i LOVE Dr. Pepper!

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