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Why Would You Want to Come Here?

It was announced today that the Olympic choices for the 2012 Summer Games has been narrowed to either San Francisco or New York. Houston and Washington DC have been eliminated. And it leaves me wondering …

Why would you want to come here anyways? I can’t imagine summer games here. Heck, it was a high of 96 degrees today, and the next 5 days don’t show any promise of being any cooler. Heck, it won’t be cooler until late September. The athletes would melt.

I will admit, Houston has put a lot in to this. Like $1.3 billion on new stadiums. They had a pretty good plan too – you can read all about it at the official site.

Personally? I’m glad it won’t be here. Traffic would be a nightmare. Add to that the potential for us to have to pay more in taxes to support it. As if paying taxes for a new baseball and football stadium already wasn’t bad enough.

Letterman did a Top 10 tonight on why it should be in New York. They were great!

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Letterman’s Top Ten Reasons To Hold The 2012 Summer Olympics In New York

10. Cab drivers already speak every foreign language

9. Lots of junk lying around to use as javelins and shot puts and stuff

8. Yankee and Shea Stadiums will be available as baseball strike continues

7. Opening ceremonies theme “What Are You Lookin’ At?”

6. C’mon the United States hasn’t hosted the Olympics in six months

5. Our souvenirs are already overpriced

4. Heavily polluted air cancels effects of illegal performance enhancing drugs

3. Chance to introduce new Olympic mascot: Rocky The Rat

2. Bribes and kickbacks here make Salt Lake City look like a student film

1. Did we mention the hookers?

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I’m greatly relieved that DC/Baltimore is out for hosting the Olympics. Traffic is already a nightmare of grand proportions every day… my husband spent two hours in the car yesterday for a 35 mile one-way trip. I can’t imagine bringing in — and transporting — millions of people for two weeks of “glory.”

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