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It Passed…

Remember that resolution (H. Res. 153) that I talked about the other day? Well, it passed. I get enough humility, prayer and fasting with my own religion (the one I chose), thankyouverymuch. I don’t need the government telling me I need more.

By the way – speaking of fasting and religion – it’s Friday. If you’re Catholic, you’re not supposed to eat meat today. (Because it’s also Lent.) This is your friendly public service announcement, because I always forget.

By Christine

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10 replies on “It Passed…”

this is just not right. i supposedly have freedom of religion but here they are telling me that I have to take a day to pray and starve myself in the hopes that some god will help us kill other human beings. good grief.

Oh dear you got me stressed! I had forgotten we were Vendredi Saint, whatever that is in english. But then, I never have classes on Fridays, and in highschool, having a break would mean something was up and I was with my family then, too. So. But – I got stressed for nothing, I don’t eat meat. I’m such an idiot. Thank you for this moment, Christine.

i’m not religious, and even *I* know that Friday is no-meat day… why else dya think that the soup of the day everywhere is clam chowder?

wait, i guess i’m religious now… because, you know, that’s the only way i can show support for our troops.

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