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I just posted this in my comments on the post below, but decided to make it a post too for anyone that might wonder or might have more information to share.

I had allergy testing done because every year I have sinus problems (to the point I’ve asked a doctor before if they could just cut them out) – and any time I end up congested from allergies, I then end up with a sinus infection – or this last time I ended up with tonsillitis. We know it is allergies because Claritin helps keep the congestion away. I’ve had swollen glands most of the fall & winter this year and my doctor suspected it is also due to allergies. Now that we have tested me and found out what my allergies are, they will mix up a special serum just for me and I will go in once a week for injections. (I think it is once a week – maybe once every two weeks?) This will help me build up immunities to my allergies – hopefully preventing the sinus infections and tonsillitis of my past.

My family doctor just gave me Claritin constantly to fight my allergies, without ever testing to see what they were. I went to an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist for my tonsillitis though, and he is the one that recommended it (I’ve always wondered why no one did it in the past). Now that we know what we’re fighting, we can fight it better.

On a positive note, I called my doctor’s office this afternoon and she had me come in so they could check my itchy arms. They hooked me up with some special prescription ointment that made the itch go away. For now.

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I disagree, why not every year, why just one arm more than the other, shoulder blade, but no where else? My routine is always the same year in year out. Why would itch stop for proabably two years, and then start again, no more sun then usual. I still think it has something to do with joint inflammation.

Definitely Brachial Radial Pruritis. Yah, “look it up”, no known cause and no known cure! Only theories and M.T., your theories are as good as any. I personally think inflamation could cause a misfiring of the messages to and from the nerves, but I’m as confused as anyone. All I can say for sure is, 400mg of gabapentin before bed and I sleep like a baby.

Hello To All,
Been awhile, but still looking , as are the many listed here. This is absolute insanity that no real help is being found, for a condition like all are relating here. So maybe were in the wrong ballpark. Not making light of it. When I started doing research again, in my limited way, another skin condition came up. WHILE NOT EXACTLY THE SAME, could there be a remote chance there is a relationship to morgellons. Not saying there is,but getting together with the two people that my blog post will take you too, might help. Has to be an answer some where waiting to be found.
No, I’ve no ties to any product, just endeavoring to help in any way I’m able too.

Wow, I was just coming to this site to list this web URL. This is great information, and should be read by everyone who suspects they have BRP. I have been on gabapentin for over a year and it has saved my sanity. Not gone, but probably 80% better. Next week an updated MRI and a new neurologist (I have multiple issues with my neck at C5-C6). May go the surgical route due to the additional problem of bulging discs.

Please read my post on aug 25 08 and sept 7 08 I am still itch free after I did those things, and let me tell you I was up all night itching, this worked for me, Just give it a try, I had the itch for several years on n off I feel so Free now and i am so Thankful to the Talker, that is where I learned it all, read about the winter itch on his blog.God bless you all and sleep softly,,, I do now and I am thankful

Hi – My arms have itched terribly for about a month now, and it keeps me up at night. I tried Desitin, Diaper Rash Ointment. I used the strongest type, original in the purple tube, as it has more zinc oxide than the other brands. I have used it for nights, and it has helped a ton.

How wonderful to find this site a few hrs ago,I have had itchy arms for 15 years and has now spread to my shoulders,I have tried so many therapists and spent many dollars to no avail,I do take antihistamines from time to time but hate being a slave to drugs,ice cubes give me the best instant relief,we are going into winter here and ice on my arms at 1am is a difficult choice.I had often thought the mast cells in my arms were the problem as these cells release histamine but the many letters I read these cells were not mentioned?????anyway I am going to give the probiotics a go.cheers.

Can only agree that the gabapentin worked for me–very well. For some totally unknown reason, the arm itching has completely stopped–no matter what season, how much sun or not, chiro visits, whatever. It is at least temporarily gone from my arms. Every few days one specific spot on my back itches. I take a gaba and am fine for a couple of days. No clue why I’m better than the suicidal me of a couple of years ago.

Has anyone else, besides dealing with incessant itching, addressed or suffered from the same severe neck pain I do? I have Hydromyelia (water on the spinal cord) which has apparently caused the Bracial Radial Pruitis, but I have been managing the itching a lot better than the extreme pain from the Hydromyelia! Anyone ever had a “nerve block”?

how many of the women on this blog had an epidural ? I am wondering if there is a link.

I finally got a diagnosis of brachialradial pruritus after a decade of itching having tried all the same creams, dietary changes as everyone else. what has worked for me initially was the ice packs but I just landed upon a cream called PRUDOXIN 5%. So far so good. that combined with wearing sun shirts seems to be working. four months so far. keeping my fingers crossed.

So glad I found this blog. I am printing it and sending it to my doc and dermatologist. I have been to so many docs/dermatologists that had absolutely no clue about this problem. thanks everyone for posting.

p.s. I have brown hair, brown eyes,olive complexion, and I am not a sun worshiper.

i have called this my crazy itch for some 11 yrs, hard to believe i have put up with this for so long, the ice was the first thing and most consistent thing that helps, my itch seems to know no season and has been really intense the last couple of months, i take atarax (antihistamine) especially at bedtime, but after yrs of it seems i feel ‘drug out’ in the mornings. have tried all the creams including steroids with no real relief, capsacin which i think did help some but stopped using it after it started to literally set me afire which was worse than the itch. a co-worker suggested i try pepcid as it is a histamine blocker so that is what i am trying today, what i wish to find something so i never had to START scratching!
good luck to all.

I have had this itch for about fifteen years and left the beach in Texas, and moved to West texas.After about a year later in Jan. I started with this itching on my right arm around my wrist before I knew it it was on both arms and like a pattern on both arms going up my arms to my shoulders. Next my head was itching too.By the time it was over it was July.The next year I got it in Feb,the same way up both arms but this time it went a little higher, This happened every year On the first of the next month until I moved from Odessa. I was like other people went to lots of different Drs. tried different Meds, with out any relief.I left Odessa in Nov.2003 with the itch on me until May. For four years I didn’t have the itch but this year BAM It hit me again and this year it has went nearly completly around my shoulders and mt neck.It started in March and I still have it but the cycle has nearly ran it’s course this year,I have scars all over my arms and shoulders and even in my head from scratching. I have heard all the tails you all have heard from the DRs, and I believe it is all Malarky .Don’t NO DR KNOW What IT IS.Praise The Good Lord My itching is nearly gone now.I thought at first it was the seven year itch, but It has lasted a lot longer then that.

Thanks for all the comments. I believe I am going to pray to Jesus to help me determine which remedies I might try. I do think the probiotic/yogurt may help. I had some digestive issues for few weeks, increased those to help, and looking back, think the itching was less. Am having tight shoulders, will visit my friend, a masseuse. I will not take any drugs, cannot afford them anyway, or doctors visits for that matter. I do spend a lot of time in sun in south Texas caring for garden and animals. I think I will add a neck pillow (been thinking I would like one anyway), ditch some more caffeine. Been trying to buy more gauze shirts and such to cover arms more. So many things to research and try. To make matters worse, got fire ants on arm week ago, just about tore myself up, still have ugly sores. Worst is lower arms. Been going on a couple years, don’t notice any season. I have taken note of many things mentioned and will get back to y’all if anything works… I am starting with your ideas Joann. AS FOR THALIDOMIDE, IN THE 60s IT CAUSED BIRTH DEFECTS, SEVERE, IN PG WOMEN’s CHILDREN. I WOULDN’T TOUCH IT, NOT EVEN WITH THIS ITCH.

I have had this itching since 1982 when I moved to Florida –27 years later and it persists on and off. Much worse more recently. Read where it may be due to spinal problems. I know many ex drinkers and ex partiers who have it so I also suspect liver problems. Throw in a little GLOBAL WARMING and here we are.

Okay so I don’t believe in all those essential oils that people talk so highly about so when I was given the suggestion by a fellow sufferer to try mixing about 2 tbsp. of olive oil to 7-8 drops of pure Basil oil (you can get it at a good health food or vitamin store they are sold in tiny little bottles) I was so skeptical but thought well might as well try it. So I went to my local vitamin/naturopath store and bought a bottle of basil oil mixed it with olive oil and rubbed it on my arms where the itch was. After about 5 minutes I was itch free hmmm so I now carry a little bottle of the mixture with me and when it flares up I just rub it into my arms, so far so good, give it a try.

Hi Anita
In answer to your question, I had an epidural.

Question to those on this site:
Do you notice if your arms go a little crazier when you get in your car? I have noticed that when the sun is shining through the window or windshield my arms really act up. Also my husband and I were at a restaurant the other day and the sun was shining through the window there and hitting me and my arms were very tingly and itchy.

Hi Anita and Susan
In answer to both of you,I did’nt have an epidural.I had a lumbar puncture(taking spinal fluid out)to diagnose viral meningitis.I had this three years ago and have had itchy arms since.I don’t think sun has caused this but it is heat that aggrivates it as I have also noticed sun through the car window and also heat from fire makes me itch and also much worse at night in bed.

Just as many of you have said, I am so glad to know I am not alone in this insane arm itching. I can’t understand why the medical field has not come up with a clear solution. This is truly debilitating when it gets going. I have tried tons of things mentioned but will give a few more of your suggestions a try. I finally found someone who understands. Thanks for starting this.

I was so glad to find this site as I felt no one understood how bad this itch could be. I recently got relief but I don’t know which remedy to thank. I started taking a thyroid pill for low thyroid, I put permethrin cream all over myself even though my doctor said it wasn’t scabies, I take Zyrtec D, and I use Triamcinolone Acetonide cream. It is gone after 10 or more years of terrible itching. Hope this helps another. It is wonderful not to feel like something has just stung me.

I am now sleeping thru the night on most nights for the first time in 15 years…..over 2 weeks I had 2 colonics then a of bottle vital greens(wheat grass,barley grass,other good stuff)from the health food store,brand names would be useless as I am in Australia,now am only taking a morning dose of probotics heavy duty stuff 45 billion organisms per 3 gram daily dose,the other bonus has been a huge boost in my energy levels,very careful not to over heat my body in bed(its winter here)so sleep in summer nite wear,have has a long term problem with wheat intolerance and this has settled down a lot also,I am almost 65 years of age and have spent countless $’s over the years no one ever suggested cleaning from the inside out,and all its cost me is around $300.Cheers.

I’m new to the site so I’ll continue to watch. Some very interesting thoughts. Here’s a couple thoughts I’ve come up with while reading some of the posts. I’ve had this itch problem for years. I live in the Midwest. Usually starts in July sometime and goes into October. I’ve read a bunch of the posts and the exposure to the sun makes sense as it usually occurs in my lower arms and legs. Stress does seem to make a differnce in the intensity. Benadryl works best but I hate feeling “out of it”. Covering the skin with light clothing helps. I’ve noticed that mositure and/or temperature change can be a couple of the triggers for me that gets the itch going. Early mornings, evenings and swimming. Also, I try to avoid short sleeve shirts at work as the A/C blowing on me can trigger the itch to my arms. Anyone else?

i have had trouble with brp for years. i haven’t had sucess with drugs or creams yet. ice bags help the most. anyone try accupunture? a dermatologist diagnosed me, but cant seem to help treat it. i am searching for a dr. preferably in the midwest who knows something about this. i cant find anyone in cincinnati familiar enough with brp to help!!!

I too have had this itching condition for a long time – about 8 years now. I’ve been to my regular physician, allergists, dermatologists, neurologists. I’ve used just about every cream and lotion on the market. Currently taking Zyrtec like candy, hydroxyzine and doxepin at night – way to many pills and they aren’t working very well right now. When you are itching so badly,like right this minute, you forget when you took the last pill unless you write it down. I too itch in the car and at night in bed. Wakes me up constantly. I live with ice paks on my arms all the time. Hard to juggle two at a time. Wonder if anyone ever died from taking too many antihistamines?
I had the same type of symptoms – only the lower right arm for the first few years. Then moved to the upper arm – then to the other arm. Now I have it on both. Sometimes upper, sometimes on the elbow. Scabs and scars allover the outside area.
It’s hard to explain to a doctor and once it goes away for a while, you forget the details
I just went to the dermatologist this week My allergist wanted him to do a biopsy. It was the second visit and I still didn’t get one. I’m supposed to go to a forum of somesort next Thursday where for an hour about 50 different doctors examine you without your comments. They have a pow-wow and let your doctor know what they come up with.

Meanwhile, I don’t think I’ll get much of a break this time. I’ve had it now for over a year. I’m due for a rest.
I am however going to pick up some of the remedies mentioned and see what happens. Thanks for all the ideas and good luck to you all!

Wow, I can’t believe all the comments I have read here that I can relate to. I am also posting in the middle of the night because I can’t sleep because of the severe arm itching. I have had this for 2 years. I too get it in August through October and I am 48 and live in SC. Mine is worse at night and I also see some correlation with stress. I did a search online because I was afraid my Lupus, or my medicine Plaquinel had something to do with it. Ice Packs are the only thing that works when it gets bad, I have also tried all the cremes and Benedryl. I have noticed that alot of you also have autoimmune issues like thyroid. My dermatologist said stay out of the sun and prescribed a cream last year, but it didn’t seem to make it go away and now it is back again. As far as issues with the back and neck go, I have had curvature of the lower spine since I was a teen, this terrible itch only seems to happen a certain time of year , so I wonder about this B. Puritus folks have mentioned and spine/neck affects. I do know that Lupus is hormone and stress related (men get it too, but more women) and alot of comments seem to think it’s hormonally related. I too wish someone in the medical field could look at our posts and come up with some help. My 75 year old Mom just told me she started the same arm itching last month, so I also wonder about it running in families or being environmental. Thanks for everyones posts, it’s comforting to know you are not alone. Hoping your day is itch free!!

I don’t think I’ve posted on this site before, but have on another regarding this condition. Just for your info I went to my dermatologist today for a skin check and while I was there I described the ferocious itching that comes out of know where that’s just on the tops of my mid arms mostly on left and sometimes on the right. He immediately told me it was Brachioradial Pruitis. I was sort of shocked because most Doctors don’t have a clue. He said it was triggered by sun exposure or nerve damage cause by the sun to the brachioradial muscle nerves in that part of the arms. Right now it has subsided, but I had it the whole month of August. He told me to use Capsaicin cream as soon as it starts itching. The cream burns or is hot, but it’s suppose to stop the itching after the Capsaicin cream stops burning. That’s about all he said about it. You can buy it over the counter at the drug store. I’ll try it next time…but hope it’s not a next time.

Just want to warn you all that there is a woman on the internet going by the name Adele Michaels who is trying to sell us an e-book that claims to have a cure for brachioradial pruritus (our itch problem). It’s $50 and I think IT’S A SCAM. I did some further ‘google’ research and she has another book offering a cure for shaky hands. The testimonials are quotes and pictures of the exact same people! Take your chances if you want but it seems fishy to me.

Hi, I last posted about 6 weeks ago. This is my second year with this unGodly arm/shoulder itch from August through October. I have read through so many of your posts. I hope anyone looking for help gets comfort from at least knowing they are not alone. PLEASE,look at this medical website that explains it all. I have tried many things listed for relief, but still the icepack is the best for now – I am hoping it quits again for the year. HERE IT IS – Or Google Brachioradial Pruritus. The above site was the most complete info I could find.

I have been suffering with the same itchy rash for over 6 months. I went to dr and she said i have brachial radial pruritus. You can google it and find out about it. She prescribed triamcinolon for it and started helping same day. I wish i would of went months ago! My rash is almost gone in 3 days!

hi everyone – not sure if this will help at all, but I have had similar problems with jawline and hairline type “acne” along with the same type bumps as everyone has mentioned around the midsection/arms. I have finally gotten an answer and maybe it will help someone out there!?! For more than 5 years, if not longer, I have had a form of folliculitis that allows yeast to grow in the hair follicle. It happened because of all of the antibiotics over the years killing so much of the bad AND good bacteria that it allowed yeast to flourish. I have always had little areas on my body area that seemed strange and kind of bumpy, but for the most part I have pretty good skin. Since Christmas, I have had a really bad itchy rash all over my body which has been driving me crazy. So, finally my doctor diagnosed me after I just cried and said something isn’t right! I have been taking Doxycycline and also using a topical antibiotic on my face, which has only exasperated the problem. Everyone has yeast on their skin by the way, but mine has been waaaaaaay out of balance. The persistent issues I have had on my face along my jawline and hairline go hand in hand with the diagnosis. I can’t tell you how relieved and happy I am. I have bathed in stuff that the doctor recommended and almost immediately the balance of my skin has changed all over. I just took my second bath and feel even better. Still itchy, but very clean. Apparently, it is often diagnosed as acne when it is just on the face and usually more antibiotics are prescribed and it just gets worse for people. Other people are told they have pruitus or dermatitis. My doctor told me to bathe in Selsun Blue – covering my body (head to toe) for 15 minutes a night. I am on 3rd night and it has really made a profound effect on the overall look of my skin. I still am a little itchy. I have Hydroxyzine and another topical steroid cream to use. I am discussing with my doctor about taking an internal dose of anti-yeast medicine, depending on how things look in a week from now. Wish everyone the best and hope we can find a solution.

Hi, it’s me again. Last year, no itch. But this year the forearm itch started up again in September, and in early Dec got so bad I could not sleep.

I shaved the affected area, rubbed in a small blob of Bag Balm, and got thru the night without touching it once! And the next night too, without re-applying the Bag Balm.

One can of Bag Balm will last you your whole life, so I don’t care so much any more what causes it — I found the fix that works for me.

I’m from the uk and have had an itchy left upper arm for the last three years on and off, this year it has been really intense and kept me awake trying not to scratch it raw, if it was the sun causing it wouldn’t it be both arms all over? I have been to the dr’s and have been given cream that doesn’t seem to have made a difference. Stress and certain food and drink seem to agrivate it. Feel like I’m going mad, will give the ice a go. 40 years old dark hair, brown eyes.

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