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It’s a Crime!

I’m all for cracking down on kids and making sure they follow the rules to keep them in line. But to call a spitball a felony is just a bit extreme if you ask me. Accidents happen, but this puts a whole new spin on the “you could poke someone’s eye out” thing that your mom always used to say.

By Christine

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5 replies on “It’s a Crime!”

Sounds, though, like the kid has a lot of real problems. It’s not a good sign when a kid is being sent to anger-management counselling and his parents are being forced to take classes on basic parenting skills. Maybe it was an over-reaction, but obviously the kid has problems and perhaps – by taking it this seriously – he’ll get the help he needs. I personally feel a little more pity for the poor kid that he hit with the souped-up spitball.

Don’t get me wrong – I feel sorry for the kid he hit with the spitball. A felony charge just seems like overkill though. Maybe it was a matter of something like the “3 strikes” rule in court – he has other problems so they came down hard. I just don’t see that as the solution for a kid that obviously has bigger problems.

Tough call. The more I read about the kid, his prior activities and what neighbous, etc. said about he and his brother, the more I understand the prosecution’s perspective. They saw a kid completely out of control with a history of lashing out at other kids. I think this was all taken into account when he was charged with a felony. If this had been a model kid who simply made a mistake, I expect the charges would have been less severe. Instead, the prosecution looked at this kid’s history and recognized a real problem and a pattern. The fact that they chose to charge him with a felony SHOULD be a big wake-up call for this kid’s parents.

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