Well, It Made #2!

I keep saying that I hate Houston and that I want to move. I said earlier at the beginning of the year that I would like to move to the Minneapolis – St. Paul area because I have a lot of family there. So it was amusing to see the list of cities generated for me by Whenever I tell anyone I want to move to Minneapolis, they comment about how much it snows there – so thanks to the test results I’ve included the snow information from the website:

1. Carlisle, Pennsylvania (Snow: 37″)
2. Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota (Snow: 40″)
3. Rochester, New York (Snow: 91″, more than twice as much as Minneapolis.)
4. Seattle, Washington (Snow: 15″; every time I visit Seattle I never want to leave.)
5. Toledo, Ohio (Snow: 37″)
6. Cincinnati, Ohio (Snow: 19″)
7. Cleveland, Ohio (Snow: 56″)
8. Indianapolis, Indiana (Snow: 22″)
9. Omaha, Nebraska (Snow: 29″)
10. St. Louis, Missouri (Snow: 18″)

Maybe Minneapolis isn’t as bad as everyone tries to make it out to be. I know that I love it there, and that’s what matters. [via Ciscley]

By Christine

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Speaking as a former Minneapolitan, it does snow alot, but the city is set up to deal with it. Skyways and indoor malls were invented in Minnesota to deal with the weather extremes. Still, it’s one beautiful place to live. I miss it. (And Rochester, NY gets more snow than the TC?!)

I read that Minneapolis is the cleanest city in North America (in terms of water and air pollution.) Despite that fact, I don’t believe it can ‘out perform’ Seattle as best place to live (Seattle ranked like #2 in cleanest cities.)

Proving that one man’s treasure is another man’s trash, I can’t imagine living in any of those places.

Of course, I can’t say that I’ve even considered most of the places that ARE on my list:

1. Portland, Oregon 
2. Albuquerque, New Mexico
3. Hartford, Connecticut
4. Providence, Rhode Island
5. New Haven, Connecticut
6. Baltimore, Maryland
7. Boston, Massachusetts
8. Las Vegas, Nevada
9. Little Rock, Arkansas
10. Eugene, Oregon 
11. Corvallis, Oregon
12. Charleston, West Virginia
13. Washington, District of Columbia
15. Frederick, Maryland
16. Salem, Oregon
17. Medford, Oregon
18. Danbury, Connecticut
19. Sacramento, California
20. Carson City, Nevada
21. Bend, Oregon
22. Honolulu, Hawaii
23. Santa Fe, New Mexico
24. Reno, Nevada
25. Worcester, Massachusetts

Too bad they don’t have internationals locations…

I’ve only flown through Minneapolis, on the way to Montana. But I was very surprised by how beautiful the area looked. My husband used to travel there extensively and he likes it as well.

As for the snow. I don’t understand why people make such a big deal out of snow. I ran into this when I lived in the south (TN.) I’m from Canada and I consider snow 1) fun 2) useful (i.e. skiing, snowboarding, etc.) or 3) beautiful, at least when it first falls and 4) often totally irrelevant. When you’re surrounded by people you like, the weather really isn’t any big deal.

I’ve only spent two winters without snow, and they were great. So I like my picks:

1. Las Vegas, Nevada (Snow: 1″)
2. Portland, Oregon (Snow: 5″)
3. Alexandria, Louisiana (Snow: 1″)
4. Little Rock, Arkansas (Snow: 5″)
5. Honolulu, Hawaii (Snow: 0″)
6. Albuquerque, New Mexico (Snow: 15″)
7. San Bernadino, California (Snow: 0″)
8. New Orleans, Louisiana (Snow: 0″)
9. Shrevesport-Bossier City, Louisiana (Snow: 0″)
10. Corvallis, Oregon (Snow: 6″)
11. El Cajon, California (Snow: 0″)
12. Eugene, Oregon (Snow: 7″)

The fact that I have a job here but not there, the fact that I don’t have the money to move right now, and the fact that my parents babysit Jason for me (after school, etc.) and I wouldn’t have that there. We have been talking of moving up there within the next year or so though – or I might wait two years and them move myself – by then Jason will be old enough to handle an hour or two at home alone after school.

Seattle’s allright. We’re stuck between two mountain ranges, so that’s why we have so much precipitation, but the snowfall is mainly over the mountains. In my little suburb [Kirkland] it only snowed [and stuck] twice last winter. Shoot, in the actual city of Seattle I don’t think it ever stuck! My one gripe is that it is so dreary here. Granted, I love rain, but I love Thunderstorms; they’re a whole other breed, you know?!

That test is pretty damned accurate! Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I am a Mainiac. My top two choices? Bar Harbor and Camden, both in the Pine Tree state (aka Maine!)

A little further north than we ae planning to go, but still…the further up north, the fewer annoying people, and the lower the housing costs.

Cool! Thanks for sharing the link, O Fellow Christine! 🙂

I went ahead and took the quiz, too. The results were interesting. Shawn and I have been talking about moving for a long time, so I asked him. We had absolutely NO cities in common. lol Not good! Thanks for the cool link.

LMAO — #1 on my list? Tampa! #2? Orlando! I knew I liked it here for a reason… Also included were Mobile and Philadelphia — both of which I’ve lived in and loved. And Oklahoma City. I ignored the texas suggestions. Didn’t see nuthin’…don’t know what you’re talking about? 😉

Well, those are definite perks to being where you are right now. Not to mention that it would probably be hard on your parents to *not* have Jason around, or you, for that fact. 🙂

As someone who grew up in Rochester, NY, yes, it does indeed snow a great deal there, much more than Minneapolis.
Think of all of those blizzards in Buffalo,NY you heard about in the news: Rochester is a mere one and a half hours east of there. It’s part of the “Snow Belt” in western NY. I once considered moving to Minneapolis, but decied upon somewhere warmer. But, I’d reconsider Minneapolis again: I hear very good things about the city.

I live in Minneapolis, and I must say, the snow fall here is really not all that bad. Only if you live out in the country among the cows does the amount of snow become an issue.

Within a year, I’ll be moving to Texas (Austin), and here you might be moving to Minnesota at some point. We’ll be trading places I suppose. 🙂

I grew up in Michigan, so I have seen my share of snow. I would never consider moving to Minnesota, I don’t care what anyone says. I can’t even imagine these folks having to enter a contest to see snow.

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