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It’s A Tivo-lution…

I love my TiVo. I really, really love my TiVo. I think everyone should have a TiVo (I have converted at least 10 people that I can think of to being TiVottes so far.) TiVo rocks.

The point of all of this? I am just giddy with glee to see that you can buy a refurbished 40 hour TiVo for $99 after rebate. The 80 hour TiVo is only $199.

TiVo rocks. Now you can have one too.

By Christine

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18 replies on “It’s A Tivo-lution…”

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this. I have been lusting after a TiVo for forever, but the price has kept me from getting one. Guess what I’m getting now? I SO HAPPY! 🙂

I wanted a TiVo so much before. Before what? Before I discovered that my cable carrier offered DVR (digital video recorder) with digital cable – to which I already subscribe. And I don’t have to buy the box — and the monthly subscription price is the same – $10/mo. And it records 40 hrs. I love my DVR! 🙂

I’ve had my TiVo for about four years, and frankly, I can’t imagine watching TV without it. It takes all the restraint I have to avoid buying a second for the living room – especially since the Series2 can be programmed over the internet!

As I type this my TiVo is recording 24 for me. My wife and I have a system. We wait until :15 after a show begins to start watching it. That way we can fast forward through all the commercials and still be done by the regular end of the show time. You’re right, TiVo rocks!

stop tempting me! i can’t buy a Tivo just yet. i just don’t watch that much TV… and even when i do, i know it’ll repeat again and again and again… but after spending so much on our ouside AC condensor unit, i can’t fathom buying anything… except food.

I’ve never seen the lifetime service for less than $199. I didn’t buy it then because I wasn’t sure if my Tivo would last that long. Of course, that was in September, 2000 – and my Tivo is still going strong. Ooops! Oh well, I do the monthly thing for now, and I’m quite happy either way. The Series 2 Tivos with the WiFi ability and the Home Media option totally ROCK!!!

I LOVE my tivo. I have lifetime service – I got it years ago when it was $100 after a rebate. Love love love it! I think the only reason i haven’t upgraded mine is the cost of a new lifetime service.

Our TiVo is part of the family. We arrange playdates for it with other TiVos, and we’re saving for its college years. Sometimes, though, it bites the other TiVos. Do you have any advice about this?

I would get the new Tivo if the lifetime service would transfer. I paid $149.00 a looong time ago. I don’t want to have to pay more now. I will just stick to the one I have now.

Amen to that. Back when the Series2 first came out, they offered a trade-up with transfer, but at the time the Series2 was really expensive, and I couldn’t justify it. But now…$200 for 80GB? Dang.

I think I may get a tivo just for the 5 PBS stations we get… We got rid of cable about 5 years ago and basically only watch things we get from netflix and things on PBS. We get a lot of PBS and Mexican stations because of our huge, old-school antenna. Anyway, I love my friend’s tivo. He records my shows, too. Yay!

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