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It’s a Trade Off…

Well, if I can’t have a Buddy Jesus, at least there is always Boogie Jesus from Courtney, the Geeky Chick to keep me amused!

Speaking of amusement – Procter & Gamble discovered in a recent study that “consumers who fast-forward through ads with digital personal video recorders such as Tivo still recall those ads at roughly the same rates as people who see them at normal speed in real time.” I’m not surprised – I fast forward through many ads, but I can still recall most of the ones I’ve seen. Have I mentioned lately that I love my Tivo?

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6 replies on “It’s a Trade Off…”

any word on those other tivo-like devices? there’s supposed to be one now that you don’t have to pay any kind of fees (but it also has no connection to anything), it works just like a vcr except it’s digital. *searches for link* … it’s also got a DVD player in it. hmm.

anywho, at some point i want to get something like tivo … guess i’ll have to start doing research. thanks for your input on tivo, btw.

my pvr doesn’t “fast-forward”, it skips ahead 30 seconds… and/or back 10
much faster and I don’t have to have all those un-needed thoughts and images going through my head!

That’s what the replay is like, no fast forwarding through commercials, just an automatic little skip and poof, back into the show.

I can’t imagine having to watch the Dune Miniseries without it. 🙂

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