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An End to the Crash…

Dawn and others have reported to me recently that they have had problems leaving comments on my site while using Safari. Well, bigger than problems – it crashes the browser. I wrote Jay about it this weekend, since I know he was a victim of my crashes and asked him to poke around and see if he could find the bug. It seems it was in the processing.php page (which I need for the restricted access posts) and I begged Jennifer for her help fixing it. She knew the issue was in that file, and now she has found the specific code that was causing the error and she has fixed for it! Yeah! The ScriptyGoddess rocks!

I am curious though – why is there a browser out there that just completely crashes on a line of code? Shouldn’t it just throw an error message and move on? That would bug me if my browser just fell over on me like that!

By Christine

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Testing testing…

You so rock for fixing this! I feel like you did it just for me {{{{hug}}}}

Well I can pretend it was just for me, right?

Give Jay a big online smooch for me. I’d say give Jennifer one too but I don’t know her 😉

First off, it’s a beta browser so you gotta understand things might be quirky — and we gotta understand when some functionality doesn’t, uh, function quite right. And as to the question of why Apple is getting into the browser business, a good answer might be to look at how Microsoft’s development efforts have been diverted away from the Mac version of Internet Explorer which is still stuck on version 5.2. Safari shows a lot of promise — it’s not clunky like IE, it loads pages much faster and will pay close attention to standards compliance from the get-go. What more could you ask for? [posted using Safari 1.0 Beta v.62]

Hey Jennifer/Christine, if you know exactly what line of code causes the crash, could you do us Safari users a big favor and write the Safari team? If it’s easier, just send it to me and I’ll file a bug…

Jay, I submitted a “bug” using their little “bug” button… but who knows whether they’ll actually do anything about it. It will be interesting to see… Also interesting is that NO WHERE in my searches could I find a note about it being a bug. Which really surprises me. We’re not talking about anything spectacular. It just didn’t like “window.history.forward(1)” (meaning that if there’s a FORWARD history – ie. the person hit their back button to get to the page – then forward them one page.)This was done to prevent double comment submissions in my script. It’s fine if it doesn’t want to support that – I think Opera doesn’t(?) – but to *crash* when it sees it? BAD BROWSER! NAUGHTY BROWSER! 😉

I have to agree with Mike regarding the potential for Safari. It’s an awesome browser for a beta version and I love using it whenever I’m on a Mac. It may crash from time to time, but it’s in development so not all bugs will be caught before each release… but I feel that Safari is well-worth the rare freeze to have such a lovely technical tool.

Jennifer, I’m sure you realize that the Safari team did not decide that if anyone used this piece of code, that they should lovingly craft a spectacular crash for them as a way of indicating an error.

FWIW, I’m absolutely thrilled with Safari even without tabs. As soon as it grows some, I will have my dream browser…

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