It’s Like a Bad Hangover…

I’m still very tentative about writing this, but at the same time I don’t want my last post from last night to sound like I was bragging – and in the sleepy haze of the morning hours it’s like a bad hangover when you’ve partied too hard.

This week is always a rough week for me. I get very nostalgic for the days of the blissful (ha!) relationship with the Insignificant Other. I guess that’s what happens when you have 8 birthdays together while you are dating. Funny how you sugar coat things when they have become distant memories, isn’t it? Because when I stop and think about it, blissful is the last word to use to describe the relationship.

Going to the baseball game last night was a ton of fun – but the minute I rounded the corner and saw the field it brought back a flood of memories too – the IO is a huge baseball fan, and for years we couldn’t wait for the new park to open. We had a lot of fun times at games. (Truly fun, not like my sugar-coated bliss above.)

Life moves on, although sometimes I’ve been slow to follow. Ironically, he swore when we broke up that I would just jump right in to a new relationship. Other than a few scattered dates, I haven’t dated since I dated him. But there are always certain times of year when a single girl gets misty-eyed, wishing she wasn’t quite so single. For me, it’s Valentine’s Day, my birthday, and Christmas. Do I want him back? No. Am I single by choice right now? Yes. But this week still makes me a bit edgy. I got through it fine last year though – with only a slight insane lapse of trying to get back together with him. That went nowhere. I’ve had no contact with him at all in 2002, and this week will be no exception. However, it’s the little things this week that bring me a ton of joy. Saturday’s gathering with the H-Town bloggers. Saturday night’s get-together at the boss’s house. Watching my son enjoy the baseball game last night. Being around people I love and adore. It’s the little things that keep me from being the cliche emotional mess right now.

So if I sounded like I was gloating last night, that’s far from the case. I am still stunned with the success of Picture Yourself. I never expected the attention it’s getting. However, in such a simple way, it’s a fantastic slightly early birthday treat…

By Christine

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It’s not gloating to be proud of your accomplishments, and that project taking off so successfully is an accomplishment, because it was a great idea. Happy Birthday. I understand your mixed emotions, I’m going through that myself. You don’t want them back, but the melancholy feelings still return now and then. And your comment yesterday on my blog is right, September birthdays rock! Have a great day, do something selfish!!

Oh, how I have to agree with that September b’day are awesome (mine was the 13th) – I believe it’s all the NY’s Eve partying that brought us into the world this month!!!

Anyway…I can also understand where you are coming from! While you may not want the IO back, at times you might want the comfort, “bliss”, relationship, all that “stuff” back…been there, am there, dealing there…

Don’t worry, Friday will be another day to bring you a ton of joy when we go out to celebrate your b’day!!!!!

It’s ok to be proud of yourself when you’ve done something good. Especially when it comes in the midst of this sort of week for you. Be proud of the wonderful person you are right now, and let that be the basis for having a great birthday! 🙂

Sweetie, it didn’t come off as gloating … we’re all so proud of you and the hard work you put into everything. I understand perfectly the desire to break the walls and return to something that is way under perfect … just because. The strength you take in enjoying yourself in the daily pleasures and not going back is worth its’ weight in gold. We love you and are proud of you.

How could it be bragging when you didn’t even submit the site!? 🙂 You just did a damn good job on the site itself and obviously Yahoo noticed. That’s something to be proud of and who cares if you DO brag about it! Ya know?

Anyway… I totally understand what you mean about the IO. (Lovin that nickname, btw). I’ve been married for 10 years and I STILL think about the ex (fiance) certain times of the year. I don’t think it ever goes away and that’s okay. It’s a part of me and for better or worse, it shaped me somehow to be the person I am today.

Hang in there and – Happy Birthday!!!

It was a joy talking to you too and the otehr H-Town Bloggers. If I’da known it was your birthday, Petunia and I would have bought you a Chai. She’s generous like that. I’m so proud.

Anyway, have a great birthday. And a happy new year.

Well, the birthday isn’t until Friday – the 27th – so that’s ok. Plus I’m the silly girl that goes to the coffee house but hates coffee and tea. Petunia is such a sweetheart though – maybe next time we can share a cheesecake square together? *grin*

I don’t think you were gloating at all — but as everyone else has already said, even if you did, you had every right to do so. You’ve worked hard on something, which turned out to be a success from the moment it was launched. Who couldn’t be happy to watch their blood, sweat and tears get them recognition like that?

You’re a lot stronger now than you were a year ago. It shows. Definitely his loss, too…

it’s so not gloating – you have every reason to be proud of your accomplishments, and sounds like it was absolutely perfect timing.

so i find myself in the strange position of saying ‘congratulations’ and ‘hang in there’, all in the same breath.

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