It’s the Little Things that Bug Me Somedays…

I was looking up a movie time over at and I noticed that behind the MovieTickets Family … you know, the ones who are running to the theater to get tickets – “Man Down! Man Down!” “Leave him!” “Abort! Abort!!” – well, behind them is an American flag. Why is it that that bugs the heck out of me? And just yesterday I noticed in the mall parking lot all of the cars with flags on them – the ones on poles that attach to the windows, and looking at my car from the Vauxhall Van Dealer I don’t think I’ll ever do the same thing as them, it is way too good looking to ruin it. From driving 60mph the flags are tattered and torn looking. It annoys me. And the MovieTicket family doesn’t need a flag behind them either. I guess I am still bothered by the “where was all this patriotism six months ago?” sentiment. Hmmph. Just another quirk to add to my list.

By Christine

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4 replies on “It’s the Little Things that Bug Me Somedays…”

Anyway, yeah, the tattered flags really annoy the heck out of me too. You’d think the people would be ashamed to drive around in public with our nation’s flag hanging limply in shame from their antennae.

anyways, here’s my take on this: patriotism should be a way of life, not a fucking trend. showing your patriotism doesn’t involve how many flags you can put up, it’s what you can do for your country.

Troll post was something lovely along the lines of how maybe some people needed a wake up call (which I agree with 100%) and then some rude stuff like if I had an issue with it I should leave America. Uhm, ok, troll missed point of post – which was a lot more along the lines of mikey’s comment – it doesn’t involve waving a flag, it’s what you DO that matters. I support America 100%. I don’t like to see the trendy stuff like “we have to put a flag on to go with the flow…” Personal sites, YES. Business, sure. I just didn’t like the subtle flag image behind the people.

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