It’s Time We Have That Talk Again…

I use the “Restricted Posts” feature on my blog so rarely, I have to remind everyone of this whenever I do: I restrict posts to keep them out of Google and away from people at work. So if you work with me, I probably won’t grant you access. If you are ANYONE else, I probably will grant you access. If you leave a comment on my blog at any time, I will probably grant you access. If I haven’t granted you access yet, just ask. I always get e-mails where people say they don’t want to pry into my private life, or they were afraid to ask before or stuff like that. Really, it’s ok. I *want* you to ask.

Oh, and I mentioned comments there. Feel free to comment liberally. If you want to comment on every single post I write – feel free to do so. If you want to disagree with me, go right ahead. If you want to question me about what I wrote, I’m open to that too. Anything goes in my comments. (Well, no outright flame wars. Those normally don’t happen here anyways – you guys really are all so well behaved!)

Jennifer and I were talking the other day, and I brought up a comment discussion we had had before. Unless I am speed surfing and really don’t have time to comment (unfortunately a lot lately), I will comment all over the place. I comment all the time. I love to leave comments. Speed surfing frustrates me because of the lack of time. I feel like you are talking to me through your blog – and I like to talk back. It’s sort of like saying, “I’m listening…” But the issue came up about the flip side of blogging – what you do when you read something traumatic? Someone’s grandmother passed away, someone’s uncle has cancer, someone’s dog was hit by a car. Do you comment?

I normally do. If you told me in person about anything like that, I would respond – and so I do the same on blogs. In many ways, for me, blogs are my “Urban Tribe”. It helps that I have met so many bloggers in person across the country, and that we have a great blog community here in Houston. The discussion actually started with Jenn because … well, this is going to sound really cheesy and I know it … because I posted about Jason breaking his arm and some people that I would have expected to say something, anything – said nothing. Add to the fact that Tuesday was a bad day (as you can read about in the restricted access post after I give you access), and I was just being whiney. She talked me down off the proverbial ledge and all was good in the end, but for awhile – it bugged me. I can’t deny it.

So, back to the point of the post – I want to know that you are out there. I want to know what you think, how you feel. Even if you don’t have a blog at all – that’s ok. I know there are many people that read blogs even though they don’t have one – I think that’s mighty cool.

Oh! And as an added perk – if you leave comments on my site, you will be listed in my sidebar with my cool little most recent commenter script that Ste (who has returned to blogging! Yeah!) wrote for me. It’s like a whole win-win situation!

There you have it. My open invitation to request access to restricted posts and leave comments all over the place. You’re always welcome here…

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

26 replies on “It’s Time We Have That Talk Again…”

I’m bad about that. I read you everyday, but most of the time I never say anything. There are days I just go through my entire blogroll with the intention of commenting at least once on every single blog just so they’ll know I’m there. I’m a hesitant commenter.

I’m one of those people who reads and only comments on blogs of people she “knows” already, and still I rarely comment then.

Really the only reason I’m commenting now if to get on your sidebar, but it has the added perk that I’ve broken in now, and I will feel much more comfortable to comment in the furute, you know?

And lookie – there you are in the sidebar! AND you should have post access now too! FEEEEEEL the love!

Emily, I see you often enough to know you’re reading. Really, you’re not a FB at all! 🙂

i’m sorry Christine! i have been visiting, i have been reading, i haven’t been commenting… i feel bad! and here i am, i always complain about how people read my blog and never comment… you’d think they comment more now that it’s members-only… i’m sorry to hear about Jason’s arm… i did read that entry… i’m sorry i didn’t say anything about it. i must’ve been speed reading again…

i have been meaning to ask you for access all day, but i have been busy and didn’t get the chance. i am sorry to hear about your son’s injury. when our kids get hurt it affects us worse than if it were us. you have given me access before, but i deleted my cookies recently and couldn’t read your post. so if you give me access i will be sure to log on.

i know how you feel about readers not commenting. i feel the same way.

I’m a horrible commenter… I always always always try to comment if it’s something bad. If I post something like that, I’d want to know people were listening. I’m much less likely to post if it’s a random thought, but I’ll still read. I can’t surf every day, so I often have to catch up on a week at a time. Sorry if it doesn’t seem like I’m reading!!

aww, well your entry makes me feel good! I’ll request access in the future and try to comment more often. See, a lot of times I’d have something to comment and someone else has already said it, so I’d just be posting that I agree. Ya know?

Hello, I only found you a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve not got around to commenting yet, so now seemed like a good time.
It is wierd how people (me included) feel they have to get to know someone through their site before they can comment, but getting to know someone is a two way thing.
Lovely site by the way.

I go through commenting spurts, but I really should do it more regularly. I love the interaction that comes from it. And I love reading everyone else’s comments, too. I’m always a little disappointed when I find a great blog that doesn’t have comments.

i think i didn’t have enough sleep.
i feel like crap.

by the way, shiktook was injured the other day, and had to be put to sleep. as usual, he was being heroic.

but being fictitious, neither his heroism nor death really mean much.

we’ll miss him, even if the boulder didn’t.

poor dead imaginary dog.

I love to leave comments when I’m visiting someone’s blog. That’s what the comments are for, no? 😉 The flip side is that hardly anyone comments on my site and to tell you the truth, it kinda gives me the creeps knowing that some people visit daily and say nothing at all…

I am the world’s worst commenter. I have to speed-comment rather than speed blog. Sometimes it feels like I am looking in through people’s front windows, intrigued by what is going on in their lives, but don’t comment as it feel (stupidly) intrusive. I’ve love to see the restircted posts, so I am off to ask for the passcard!.

I’ll comment if it’s something bad and people just need to know there is an ear out there that is paying attention. However, there are only a few blogs I comment on because I feel like a dork when I comment.

I comment when something is said that really hits me, or if I read that person’s blog faithfully and I just have something to say or want to lend some encouragement.

So, here’s to one of my first visits to your site. Cheers.

I’ve e-mailed you requesting access previously and didn’t get a reply, so I kind of figured it was a no-no to ask.

That’s no biggie… and I still read your entries, even if I don’t comment. I am just a bad commenter. I never know what to say. :\ But when I do have something to say, I speak up.

Gosh I suck. I read the post about Jason and didn’t say anything, plus you called me and I haven’t returned your call. The reason I didn’t comment is becuause I was speed surfing and just didn’t have time. I am sorry. And I haven’t called you back, well, for the same reason. Lots going on here and I just haven’t been paying enough attention to the world outside. I hope Jason is feeling okay and I hope I get to talk to you very soon.

i feel kind of intrusive too, so i don’t comment. also, i have a hard time blogging on my own site, as i’m too paranoid to reveal details about my personal life, so my site’s updated pretty infrequently….which stops me leaving my url cos peeps will see it’s old stuff blah blah yadda yadda.

aaaaanyway, would love the password/magic key if you care to give…

hugs to you, jason and his poorly arm,

cate xx

I’ve always been more of a good listener than a good talker…so I tend to “lurk” more than comment. That’s just me! I still LOVE all of my “urban tribe” (LOVE THAT term!) but I only comment every so often.

But I know how you feel, because admittedly, I get a little disappointed when my comment-count is low. Feedback is important! So I’ll try to comment more. ;o)

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