Just Another Day…

Started off this morning with an early trip to the dentist. Yes, boys & girls – this is your friendly reminder to go see the dentist! I had to have one permanent crown put into place, and then two fillings plus another crown started on the opposite side. This made eating lunch interesting, as it is painful to chew on the top row of teeth on both sides. I am near the end of my dental path though, just one more crown to do! Yeah! And the rest of my perio treatment. My crowns aren’t from neglecting my teeth – most of them were situations of old fillings that reached the end of their life or some decay that had formed underneath fillings. Surface areas that no brush could ever reach.

After that, I went to St. Anne’s and enrolled Jason. I have a good feeling about that, especially after talking with one of the scout dads last night whose kids had gone there before they moved (and switched to a different Catholic school). So hopefully most of the school issues will be solved, although there will be new ones now. Jason has attended the same school since Kindergarten, and has kids in his class that he has known since he went to pre-school. So now he will have to go over the hurdle of making new friends. I think he’ll be ok though, and we will still be in the same Scout pack because we are in our church’s Scout pack, not the school’s. So there will be that stability, and he will still get to see the kids we have known since he was 4 there.

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ugh, thanks for the reminder :sarcastic smile: I don’t like the dentist, I do not like him, Sam I am… I had two fillings last time and some that were borderline. I haven’t taken super wonderful care of my teeth since then. Uh oh. I think I’m gonna convince E that I need a sonicare this year, though, so maybe I’ll go and get a nice cleaning, and then reward myself with a nice toothbrush 🙂 That makes me smile. Good idea, thanks Miss Ch!!! 😉

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