The UPS Mystery…

When I got home last night there was a note on the door informing me that UPS had tried to deliver a package. Of course, the apartment office won’t accept packages right now because they may be full of anthrax. (This annoys me to no end because there are many other problems that are a lot more likely to occur at an apartment then an anthrax package showing up.) I tried to call UPS today, only to be told by the phone system to go to the website to get the information. This is wonderful that now UPS assumes everyone has access to the internet. (Ok, I know I have access … but that doesn’t mean everyone does!) So off to the website, where I can see they tried to deliver the package again today (yeah, guess what? I wasn’t home) but I was able to change the delivery address to my office so they can take it there tomorrow instead.

The real mystery is what is in this package though. It’s coming from a fulfillment spot in Oklahoma. I know my Wishlist says that an item was ordered that I have not received yet – I wonder if this is it! Or else … well, I have no clue what it could be otherwise.

By Christine

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