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I decided it was time to color my hair again. Thanks to L’Orιal, I could pick out the shade I wanted to use, make sure I was getting the right line of products and so much more. A quick trip to the store and I now have L’Oreal Preference 6A on my head, in a wonderful no-drip formula that kept it off of the floor as I walked out here to the computer.

I can’t help but wonder every time I color my hair WHY on earth they only have helplines open Monday – Friday from 9am – 7pm EST. I honestly believe there isn’t a single person in this country that colors their own hair during those hours. Normally you dive in to stuff like this at 10pm at night, or on a Sunday, or some other off the wall time. You don’t do it during normal business hours. Shouldn’t they just offer help from 7pm to 9am? Overnight assistance with your color treatment? I really think that would make more sense, but they would probably have to dramatically increase the staff in their call centers because the call volume would increase so much!

By Christine

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I also think that any store that sells hair color should be open 24 hours, so when you color your hair with the bleach blonde “frosting”, and you resemble Frakenstein’s bride, you can go out and get another color that more closely matched your original color so that when you go to work the next day, no one knows how silly you were the night before…
…uhm… not that I’d know ANYTHING about that sort of thing. πŸ™‚

No, it turned out well! I was staying within the same color family – I had used the 4A Dark Ash Brown last time, but it was too dark – so I did a 6A Light Ash Brown this time – there is a reddish tone to it where my gray hair was, but that’s typical. On the other hand, where it was too dark it now has nice dimension – so I’m happy! πŸ™‚

It cracks me up every time though because I have *never* colored my hair during those hours that they are open, and I’ve colored it myself off & on for 10 years!

Glad things went well. πŸ™‚
And yes I agree with you, they should have extended hours, what are they thinking that maybe you will take a day off from work to color your hair…….hmm

LOL! It’s the irrational fear of screwing up horribly that’s led me to be a chicken and pay someone to do it for me. That way, if it’s messed up, I can make it their problem to fix! πŸ˜‰

Sorry about your hair color problems. Just an FYI, this post blew up my MTRSSFeed plugin. It choked on the accented e in L’Oreal. No worries, just thought if anyone was syndicating this site, they may have had the same problem. Have a great day at work tomorrow.

(Note – replacing Γ© with &#x00U9; should fix the RSS feed.)

Help desk? Call center? Wow. I would never have thought of that. I wonder if working those phones is more like a tech support line (“Hi, I’m sorry, but what am I supposed to do with this again?”) or like a crisis hotline (“omigod, omigod, HELP! I… I just wanted a few shades lighter, and — oh, god, no — it’s RED!!”).

Yeah, thanks for breaking my site. πŸ˜‰ You may wish you had that preview button, meanwhile I wish your post button was on the left… (I’ve cancelled way too many comments by mistake!)

Since they are only open during the day, the one time I called was to tell them “oh, my hair is this color & I want to make it this color…” It should be open at night for crisis support though – although red would be minor. Normally it’s a matter of turning your hair some lovely shade of green by mistake… *shiver* Fortunately, the only time that happened to me a stylist did it! So THEY got to fix their mistake!

Hi, Just looking at your website for advise. Please, please can u suggest anything? I have a 15year old daughter who has the most lovely colour hair sort of ginger with a hint of blond natural streaky bits. Was she happy? no no no she wanted to go BLONDE!! so last Sunday afternoon off she trotted to her best mate (I wonder)armed with a permanent peroxide dye and she is now an orange bombshell and the schools bunt off all the nasty comments you can think of Any ideas how we can lighten the hair and problem plse?
Tks Kath

If anyone has any ideas to help me… I’d appreciate them. I dyed my hair tonight for a wedding tommorow I’m going to. I picked the shade that looked closest to what my stylist usually uses… but instead of a nice medium Alburn… I got DARK BURGANDY!!! Arg…Somebody help me quick. What can I use to bring it to a more brownish natural color? H E L P

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