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The First Day…


I’ll post more of these in Pixelog tomorrow, but this is the view from the office I am temping in for the next few weeks. The office that hopefully could be mine permanently. The tall building on the right is the tallest in downtown Houston, and my best friend works there.

I snapped this one with the Pencam the first day in downtown. Yeah, I still have to get the photos off of the G2. Not that it will be hard to do, but I just haven’t sat down long enough to do it. So the gorgeous sunrise photos will be online tomorrow.

Jason won 2 out of 5 of his chess games at the tournament today. He did pretty well considering he hasn’t played for long – his coach (his math teacher) was really impressed. While they were playing in the tournament the coach taught me the basics and I even played a game! Yes, I now know the names of all of the pieces, how to set up the board, which directions they can move in, and how they capture other pieces. I had fun learning and I’m ready to play more – which thrills Jason since he wants someone to play against!

By Christine

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Jason told me that he could have won the third game but he needed to go somewhere so he let the other person win! I’m glad you are going to learn chess as he needs a real partner. Did I make you a copy of chessmaster? Let me know…

Chess is so much fun. 😀 I wish more of my friends were interested in playing … most of them prefer either video games or card games, though. Oh well…

And OoOoOoOoOoOo!! That’s an amazing view … I think I’d work at that job just for the view, regardless of whether they paid me or not. 😉 If you find yourself taking *lots* of pictures with your G2, you might want to invest in a CompactFlash card reader … I have one of those so that instead of having to plug the camera in every time I want to get pictures, I can just plug the CF card into the reader. 🙂 It’s nice … if you need a link, lemme know. 🙂

I just wanted to let you know I stopped by your site for the first time today. Linked here from the weblog awards site. Chess really is a lot of fun isn’t it? Me and my hubby used to play until it became too competitive for him. So now I am out there looking for another partner to play with. Good luck with learning and kicking some butt!

Now I want to ask where you’re temping, because I work in the *second* tallest building downtown.

But I won’t ask, because that would breach nettiquette, wouldn’t it?

Very cool view. Lucky girl.

kudos for Jason in winning his games. Chess could be fun, a long time ago, I used to play, my dad thought me, and while I had a great time with my dad I mostly did it for him. 😐 so I don’t remember how to play now.

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