Just to Clarify…

Mold, Not Body Part, Found In Punch. Yes, it was *not* a male body part (or a “manfruit” as some of us like to call it) that was found in the punch. You can go back to drinking beverages again now. But I have to add, it would freak the heck out of me to find that in my punch! I was amused that the go on to say they are just baffled how it got in there, but “the production date was a year ago and there are no preservatives in the drink.” Hello? Has anyone taken a biology class lately? I grew in there! Ewwwwww….

By Christine

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That is the FOULEST THING EVER! Bacterial mold- ugh! Couldn’t he tell there was something in his bottle when he was drinking it- sort of like the little ball in the nailpolish bottle?

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