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I finally took the time to look around and investigate the whole Blogshares thing. I’m still bummed because I goofed up and didn’t confirm my account when the site went from alpha to beta mode, so I’m no longer uber-cool number 52 – now I’m less uber-cool number 1996. Oh well, I’ll survive…

I bought a lot of stocks today. Ok, I bought a TON of stock today. But I can’t help but wonder … for the blogs where I have a clear controlling share, do I get to blog there now too? I mean, if I own over 3000 shares of a blog that only has 5000 shares, doesn’t that make me the controlling shareholder? Do I get to dictate what the blog says, what it represents, that sort of thing? If so, you can expect to see my influence at the following sites:

:: Blogland
:: Tainted Melodies
:: Just Another Day

I also have a definite strong vested interest in the following:

:: Alysha Jane
:: Prose, Poems and Thorns
:: Bozzy’s Angels
:: The 26th Year – An American in Belgium (oooo… pretty!)
:: Gearheads Anonymous
:: Phil Ringnalda
:: Kiss My Blog (also known as Dania’s Dailies, but I bought up stock in her new blog, so I wonder how that works?)
:: Vents and Rambles
:: Stacey George (I have loved her site for a long time!)

You can keep an eye on my portfolio right here in case you’re curious about who else I own. Maybe I own a piece of you? If you want, you can own a piece of me too!

Now if only PlayaPixie and Pixelog would go public! I need to pick up some Plasic Fruit stock too – I just love the site!

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Heh. As majority shareholder, this gives you a controlling interest in the blogs. Do you get to fire the current author and appoint a new CEO / Chairman of the board? Do you get to direct the day-to-day affairs of the blog, and create content? Or, as the major investor in the blog, do you sit back and reap the awards? What percentage do I have to hold in order to participate in shareholder votes? Do I get a suit and a private jet?

And just what “earnings” are they using to calculate the PE ratio?

the same thing happened to me! I was user 180 now it’s 2373 or something like that because I didn’t confirm my e-mail (although I don’t remember getting any…)
oh well time to buy some shares 🙂

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