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Kids These Days…

Jason informed Mike tonight on the way home from the Scout meeting that he needs 10 magazines that he can cut up to take to school on Wednesday for English class. Then he added that they have to be age appropriate.

Mike told him, “Darn, then I’m not sending you with Playboy.”

Jason asked, “Huh? What’s that?”

Mike told him that was the right answer. Kids these days – thanks to the Internet, they have no clue what Playboy even is…

By Christine

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4 replies on “Kids These Days…”

That is both cute and hilarious at the same time! Geez, 10 magazines, that’s a lot of money – do you have magazine shops like us, that sell magazines by the kilogram? They get all the good stuff, just two or three months behind.


I supplied my fifth grade class with my dad’s stash of Playboys and Hustlers – and when the teachers caught on, I threw them out in the boys’ room so they wouldn’t think it was a girl.

My older sister was collecting the mail for our neighbor who was on vacation. She called me over to show me the Playboy.

As a young adult, it used to be big news when a star posed for them. When Denise Crosby of ST:TNG posed, someone brought the issue down to the commons to read.

But when Misty Moye’s roommate posed for Girls of the Southwest Conference, those issues stayed out of Baker commons.

They don’t need to be new magazines – they are supposed to be ones from home. I had some, but my parents have even more so he is all set.

Erika, when I read your comment at first, I thought you meant a 5th grade class that you were teaching! Mwuhahahaha!!! (*Doh!*) I hooked the boys up with the good magazines too at about that same age. Funny how the girls always know where to get the good stuff, isn’t it?

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