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LA Face with an Oakland Bootie…

I’ve talked about him before, but he is worthy of a mention again. If you like music, especially cover songs, or just good amusing stuff in general, you MUST check out Jonathan Coulton. I highly recommend his version of Baby Got Back. I know, some people hate that song. You may be one of them. You should still listen to it, because it is good for you. Refreshing. It will make you laugh.

Well, it makes me laugh. So I’m assuming it will make you laugh. Maybe it is just me.

Plus he gives this stuff away for free. Free! Who doesn’t like free music? Free – and it is ok for you to share it too! How is that for wonderful?

Anyways – check him out. Let me know what you think. There are a lot of songs avaialble there, and so far all of the ones I have checked out are good. He keeps coming up with new stuff too, so check back regularly.

Let me know what you think, ok? I am really curious…

On a completely separate note – I took a nap when Mike got home from work and by the time I ate dinner and drank about 6-7 glasses of water, I finally felt better. Although I am still parched and thirsty, so I’m going to go and get another glass of water to drink. I suspect I won’t be sleeping well tonight…

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Hey there – random post. I was googling something about Kankakee and came by your blog. I noticed that you’re the same age as me, and you mentioned Amy Legris – that name sounds terribly familiar, and I’m wondering if we knew each other? I lived in Kankakee till I was 15… I was Jill Nordstrom then… I went to St. Pats for elementary school, and then Kennedy and then Kankakee Jr. High and High School… I was on the swim team….

I see you weren’t sleeping. 3am!!! Comments at 3am??

I did also notice that my MT passwords no longer work. Any clue. Did you change them to something naughty for me to remember you by??? LOL

Moochas grassyass for all your hard work!!!

Pretty amusing.. I do like that song in general though.. I think my husband would laugh at this version..

This guy is a good singer.. he might actually get popular someday.. Maybe.. lol.

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