Fresh Finds

LA Face with an Oakland Bootie…

I’ve talked about him before, but he is worthy of a mention again. If you like music, especially cover songs, or just good amusing stuff in general, you MUST check out Jonathan Coulton. I highly recommend his version of Baby Got Back. I know, some people hate that song. You may be one of them. You should still listen to it, because it is good for you. Refreshing. It will make you laugh.

Well, it makes me laugh. So I’m assuming it will make you laugh. Maybe it is just me.

Plus he gives this stuff away for free. Free! Who doesn’t like free music? Free – and it is ok for you to share it too! How is that for wonderful?

Anyways – check him out. Let me know what you think. There are a lot of songs avaialble there, and so far all of the ones I have checked out are good. He keeps coming up with new stuff too, so check back regularly.

Let me know what you think, ok? I am really curious…

On a completely separate note – I took a nap when Mike got home from work and by the time I ate dinner and drank about 6-7 glasses of water, I finally felt better. Although I am still parched and thirsty, so I’m going to go and get another glass of water to drink. I suspect I won’t be sleeping well tonight…

Fresh Finds

Fresh Finds … Get ’em While They are Hot!

I haven’t done this in awhile, and since I was looking over my Blogrolling lists, I decided now would be a good time for a batch of “Fresh Finds”! So come and get them while they are hot!

:: 1 More Dork – We met Ken back when I was playing in Big Blogger, remember? Well, if you didn’t read his site then, you should read it now. Good stuff – with comments!
:: Alison – I would drink margaritas with her any time. And a yummy design too!
:: AlyshaJane – Just a beautiful site. I always enjoy my visits.
:: Avocado Couch – Nothing is quite as comfy as a good couch now, is it? I’ve actually been reading her site for ages, but just discovered she wasn’t on my main blogroll! Oops!
:: By Sand and Sea – I fell in love with this blog the minute I found it. Maybe it’s the Mom factor? I don’t know. It’s just wonderful.

I added some more Mikes to my list from the other day too. I think that’s enough for now to keep you happy. There will be more to come!

Speaking of fresh finds … I’ve been keeping a secret. For a few weeks now actually. I’ve gone … on dates. *GASP!* Yes, me. Social life. It’s almost amazing – I had almost forgotten what it was like. However, I hate to jinx anything, and I had issues to sort through first before I felt like mentioning it. (Yes, I have emotional baggage. At least it’s cute and it matches!) However, that caused it’s own problems because for me – in order to sort through issues – I write about them. But I couldn’t, because he knows the site exists, and so instead – in the spirit of building a better relationship – I just discussed the issues with him. Amazing what a little communication can do, isn’t it?

So when I was talking with him earlier today, I realized it was time to introduce him to the rest of you – but I’m still keeping him a mystery. At least for now. (Hush. I know some of you are well aware of who he is, and that’s just between us, ok?) For the rest of you, he shall be known for the time being as “DateMan”. Man of mystery. Man of Intrigue. Man of … my lack of creativity in thinking of an ubercool nickname when composing an e-mail to Hoopty yesterday. So if you see him around, be nice – ok? We don’t want to scare him off just yet!

Fresh Finds Meme Me

Fresh Finds…

New to me even if they are not new to you – five fresh finds for Friday!

:: ed k. – better than breakfast cereal! Ok, Ed’s not new to me. He just finally got around to getting a blog set up!
:: J-Mo – another Houston blogger and a mom of a 5th grader too. Love it!
:: Tortilla Girl – it’s pink, there are pin-ups, who could ask for more?
:: Lisa’s Weblog – one of those sneaky people that was visiting here and I didn’t even know it! (Leave comments, fastest way for me to find you!)
:: Is Hell Endothermic? I like it. You should too.

You know, I haven’t done this in awhile and today is Friday the 13th – so today is bonus day! Here are five more for you!

:: The Bitter Shack of Resentment – Wonderful fresh wit, served daily!
:: Hall Penn – a Photolog. There are photos there. Really.
:: Trained Monkey – almost guaranteed to make you smile.
:: Mr. Analogy – Analogies AND photographic goodness.
:: Negroplease – Quite simply, Jason rocks. Enjoy.

There now. That should keep you busy while I’m working hard today…

Fresh Finds Notables

Fresh Friday…

Just a little link love for more Fresh Friday Finds! Does it count as a meme if I’m the only one doing it? Ah, who cares! These people deserve your reading attention! So here they are – maybe not new to you, but new to me!

:: Secret Kings – Fastest way to win my heart? Mention Germany in any form. Traveling around Europe. I’m all for it! Let’s go!
:: Exposur3 – Chrys’s photographs have a tendency to make me very jealous. I aspire to be anywhere near as good.
:: White Light – Wonderful blend of photographs and the written word. I’m very, very in to photography lately.
:: Out of Order – I love her list of reasons to hate the word blog. Yeah, yeah, it’s in the title of my own site. I would change it if I was willing to give up my #1 rating in Google for Christine. I’m not.
:: Reconstructed Mind – A pleasure to read, and more wonderful pictures – in spite of what she might say about them.

If you don’t see me around much, I’ll be upgrading my copies of MT (yes, there are several of them) and then installing MT for others. After that, there is real house housekeeping to do, and then more housekeeping on Blogomania to take care of. In between all of that, I’m going to spend some time with my son and maybe take some more pictures. He wants to start taking pictures too, which is fantastic, but before we start going through film I’m going to work with him on some of the basics of photography. I’ll also probably have to curb him from taking pictures of everything in sight by suggesting that he help pay for film and developing. I don’t mind if he takes good pictures, or even some bad pictures. I don’t want 17 pictures of a snail, too close up to be in focus. The little $40 640×480 image digital camera for him looks better all the time.

Amuse Me Fresh Finds

Fresh Finds…

Meant to post this earlier, but the day slipped away from me. Five fresh finds for your Friday. They may not be new to you, but they are somewhat new to me. Share the love.

:: Simple Grace . org
:: 8 Legs
:: Noalogue
:: Holycrapola