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Late Night Giggles…

The same night at SXSW that I told Tantek that CSS makes my eyes bleed, I spent time laughing to the point I almost made myself with Jessica. She posted a few days later about how the memories start to blur, but somehow I don’t think the memories of xylophone kitten will be forgotten any time soon.

If you want a taste of all the cool people I met or saw again in Austin, you can watch the SXSW blogroll in my sidebar or visit Rannie’s site for a fantastic who’s who summary of everyone.

We spent the afternoon at Tropica today – it was time for another H-Town Blogs gathering, and it was so great to have a chance to see Kathy & her husband Tom, Charles, David, Cody, Sydney (who was kind enough to share her chair with me), Matt and Mike. As Mike pointed out, meeting up with other bloggers in person puts a whole different spin on reading their sites. You can hear their voice better, get an even deeper glimpse in to their souls. I’m really glad I’ve had opportunities this month to do that with local bloggers and with people from across North America.

I am lucky, very lucky indeed.

By Christine

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One reply on “Late Night Giggles…”

I enjoyed visiting with y’all yesterday.

I said I like reading people who are smarter than me. that also goes for in person too. My head is still swimming from all of the gee-wiz tech talk, but I enjoyed soaking up the blog expertise. Drinks were good too, you shoulda tried one. 🙂

CSS makes my eyes bleed too. And apparently my ears…

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