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Law on the Lam!

So, have you heard the news? I think this is just hysterical. In order to prevent gerrymandering and the Republicans changing the voting districts around in Texas, 52 Democrats took off and hid in Ardmore, Oklahoma. At least they left a note. By skipping town and leaving the state (so they wouldn’t be forced to go back to Austin) they prevented the Texas House from having a constitutional quorum. The Houston Chronicle has a great editorial on it all, and Charles at Off the Kuff has several informative posts about it, including this helpful Q&A.

It should be noted that, “House rules allow for the arrest of members who intentionally thwart a quorum. Reports were that most of the missing members had left the state to avoid such arrest.”

I just can’t believe they took off like that. Classic. I swear, you can only get entertainment like this in Texas!

By Christine

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i try to be as ignorant as possible when it comes to politics but i read all the articles you linked to. it’s quite informative and reminds me i should educate myself about what goes on around me. while i don’t know what this delay will do to the other bills (i don’t know what bills are on the plate), it shows that man’s (woman’s) principles are worth something.

“ shows that man’s (woman’s) principles are worth something.”

Yeah; it’s worth running out of the proper forum like my ten year old daughter does when I tell her she can’t do something.

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