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Molly Ivins says it very well about the “Killer Ds” and the Texas Legislature:

Believe me, stopping the legislature from functioning at this point is high public service.

The choices on how to spend money couldn’t possibly make Republican “values” any clearer. We can spend money on corporate welfare, but not on people’s welfare. We can’t cover health insurance for our teachers, but we must have brush control.

The creepy thing about the far-right Republicans, who are definitely in the majority in the House, is not that they are dismantling government because they won’t raise taxes, they’re dismantling government because they think it shouldn’t help people.

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Let me be perfectly clear – I don’t think everyone deserves a hand out. I do believe some people deserve a hand up. Taking away health insurance from 250,000 children and medicine from the mentally ill among a long list of other things just seems wrong.

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i agree. well said. it seems amazing to me that we can consider ourselves such a first world nation when we can’t even provide basic medical services to our population.

Why should we provide health care to everyone. I work 40 – 50 hours a week to provide health care to my family. If everyone one would get off ther Oreo infested arses and do a little work – the US would be a different place. Half of the US is nothing but a bunch of lazy people who want the whole world handed to them on a silver platter.

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