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With the holidays just around the corner, I have to remember these tips – from Jake at 8Bit Joystick: How to Get Your Video Gaming Money’s Worth. Jason has a PS1 at our house, and a PS2 at my parent’s house – so we already knew a lot of the tips about using the PS1 games on the PS2. Now the plans are under way to have a PS2 at my house too – so I’m sure there are new games in our future! It may be possible that we can also play the games on the computer, so If you’re playing this title, you should look into getting the best gaming mouse you can afford. Another link that Jake recommended over in Kristine’s is GameFAQs, which I am sure will come in handy. Anyone else have some good game related links to share?

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Aside from web links, take a look at the magazines out there. There are about (I think) three main PS2 game magazines out there. Pick up a copy of each and decide which writing style is most like what you’re looking for; some are more sarcastic and willing to give bad reviews than others. Once you’ve picked a favorite, you can follow it online as well.

(Can you tell I lived off my PS2 for months overseas?)

Back when I was really into gaming, I subscribed to EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) – that was a great magazine at the time, and I think it’s still fairly popular. I’m trying to remember what magazines my old roomate subscribes to, but they’ve escaped me.

Other sites of interest include:
Gamespot – they used to be better, but I’ve heard they’ve gone downhill recently. :\
Penny Arcade – A gaming comic, but they also offer a lot of insight into the gaming world in their “news.” They often review new games, and I love reading their commentary on almost everything. Plus, the comic is freakin hilarious!

Uhh yeah, that’s about it for now. I really want to get a PS2, but I’m saving money for more important things (like a new camera 😉

You should restrict Jason’s use of Gamefaqs. IMHO, using a FAQ/walkthrough diminishes the challenge and intended experience of a game. There are certain times when something simply cannot be figured out, though.

Make sure Jason really gives it his best shot before going for the FAQ. Otherwise he may not develop the nessecary skillz to prove his mettle, shoudl he graduate to competitive gaming.

P.S. I picked up Tony Hawk 4 today. I can’t wait to try it out!

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