Least Favorite Words… (30 Days of Lists: Day 6)

Words, words, words. Hmm… I can’t really say that I have very many least favorite words. Matter of fact, I could only think of one at first. Short list today.

My Least Favorite Words:
– Daffodil – I’ve always thought this was the goofiest sounding word. No idea why. I just remember talking to my friends in high school and commenting on how this word is utterly ridiculous
– Any words used in the form of a mean slur against someone – whether it be racial, hateful, or just mean and hurtful. I think we need to be responsible with our word usage.

Most words don’t bother me. If I think of more, I’ll add to this list.

I watched “Revenge of the Bridesmaids” today while working on wedding albums. (Thank you, Netflix!) It wasn’t the best movie ever or anything like that, but it was good light-hearted fair for while I was working. I then watched “New In Town” with Renee Zellweger & Harry Connick Jr. and I was pleasantly surprised that Renee didn’t annoy me as much as she has in other movies recently. She still makes that pursed lip face thing but at least I didn’t notice it that much. Then again, I was still designing albums. Last but not least, I watched “The Answer Man” which was an amusing indie romance movie. Definitely worth watching. Then again, like the whole words thing, that isn’t much that I don’t like.

Speaking of movies – check this out! NatGeo flew a house just like in the movie “Up!” Ok, maybe not just like it, since it looks a lot smaller, but still pretty cool that they flew it for an hour like that!

By Christine

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