Leaving on a Jet Plane…

Kymberlie, Krista and I will be heading out on Thursday to go visit a new 4 Guys client. While I don’t mind traveling, this trip comes with a perk. The client is a top of the line health resort, ranked #1 by people like Conde Nast and a ton of other magazines. While most of our time will be spent in meetings, they did give us the chance to select one treatment from their spa & sports options. What did we all go for? A massage. I’m disappointed though that my Swedish massage won’t be done by a man named Sven. Actually, I keep debating – there is a pedicure treatment that involves a foot & leg massage that also sounds wonderful, and I might just see if that’s available. I can get a massage anywhere, I actually want to buy one of the massage chairs, look for the Human Touch brand here, the best ones in the market.  Now that pedicure treatment is something I would never splurge for – it’s a $115 treatment normally. And happy tootsies are a good thing! I don’t know, I just can’t decide. Massages are part of me, i need them to get the stress out, relieve my body tensions, it helps with my anxiety, stress and so much more, so  What do you think? what do you recommend?

By Christine

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Hmmm. Toughy. I like pedicures, and don’t mind spending the $20-25 every two/three weeks for one during the summer. On the other hand, I love massages and *need* one all of the time – my shoulders are always tense – but for some reason have a hard time parting with the $70-80 bucks! My vote is for you to get the one you wouldn’t pay for yourself.

A full massage would be wonderful I bet. Take that one! It’s the one thing you probably wouldn’t splurge on for yourself.

Pedicures are a bit cheaper and you can get in most nail places.

See if the pedicure includes an acupressure massage. If not, I’d go for the massage myself, but that’s because I’m another one that needs massages all the time (although I can’t believe they cost $70-80 there – the top one at my local beauty salon only costs about £23!).

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