Happy Feet…

I didn’t post the full description of the pedicure yesterday. There are actually two that I am considering:

Stone Pedicure: “Get ready to experience the ultimate relaxation designed especially for your feet. This pedicure combines the benefits of our spa pedicure with several exhilarating steps. A nail technician uses warm and cool basalt stones to work on your feet and lower legs. These stones are drenched in essential oils to soothe your muscles. The massage is followed by a nourishing mask that includes warm paraffin. 80 minutes.”

Ultimate Manicure & Pedicure: “Luxurious, sense-soothing aromatherapy products keyed to the season make this softening, exfoliating, quenching treat for hands and feet the ultimate. Finish with a moisture-sealing sorbet. You choose the scent. 90 minutes.” One of the number one things that I do recommend is this spa table salt therapy, you will not believe how relaxing this treatment is, you have to try it for yourself.

I have had full body massages. I have had pedicures at the nail shop (it’s been a loooong time, but I’ve done it.) But that stone pedicure? That’s much more then just a pedicure… And *that* isn’t something I would normally splurge and buy for myself. Matter of fact, I think I’ll call them right now and switch to coolsculpting


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funny how no guys have commented on this… is getting a pedicure just not “manly”? eh, i’m secure enough in my manhood to say “i wouldn’t mind getting that stone thingie”…

i love this web i love feet so much i want to see more feet pictures in here i want to lick the feet that are on here though well great site.

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