Looking at the world

Me in the rearview mirror

There I am, looking out at the world through my new glasses, taken in the rearview mirror of my Honda. I took several other pictures today with the new camera: this is the loaner car I had while they fixed the tinting on my car. Could they have made it any more obvious that it was a loaner car? I am thankful that I didn’t end up with this loaner though. I can’t believe Honda makes a Civic that shade of gold! While I was driving down 1960 (the local main road – 6 lanes + a suicide lane in the middle) I was contemplating again how scary it is that we have pipelines running right there, right next to the road. Someday one of those is going to explode, I just know it. Although that might be a good way to get rid of all of the ugly shopping centers along 1960. Except a lot of people would probably get hurt, and that wouldn’t be such a good thing. At least it is nice to come home to a nice view, like the one I have of the pool. See the cute fountain to the right of the sidewalk? I can hear the water running over the rocks from the balcony of my apartment. Nice and soothing.

The car formerly known as white trash Honda is in much better shape now. Side molding back on, tinting fixed on the windows. Now it just needs a few fairly minor things to make it perfect again.

After I got home I took a few more pictures of myself in my new glasses. I really like them!

By Christine

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