Specs Similar to Mine

These are *close* to what mine look like. I’ll take a picture of mine tonight. Image courtesy of – that site is so cool, you can upload your own picture and try on the glasses online! I had so much fun playing with it.

Update 7/29/2001: I took the picture “down” and just left a link instead because it was messing with the blog design, causing a horizontal scroll on an 800×600 resolution. Working on the redesign yesterday, I could not for the life of me figure out what was wrong! Plus you can see the glasses in the other pictures now, so who needs this one anyways?

Update 7/18/2012: I just got an email from the people representing the site I linked to 11 years ago that for some crazypants reason they didn’t want me linking to them. Uhm, ok! Bizarre… More on my thoughts over here.

Update 7/20/2012: Hey, Guardlex? SUCK IT. I just put the link back up. Especially after reading all the comments on my site, BoingBoing and Hubspot. Oh, and I didn’t ask their permission to link to them…

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