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Lord of the Rings … With a Twist!

First I brought you Naked Quidditch. Now I must ask, what if Lord of the Rings had been written by someone else? You can find a sample of a version by Ernest Hemingway, Danielle Steele, Dr. Suess, and many, many more. Much laughter, to the point of tears. Good stuff – go read! [via Dick]

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Actually, much of the LOtR source material *was* written by someone else — the old and middle english writers who played a major influence in Tolkien’s academic career.

You see the Gawain poet in much of Tolkien’s material, not to mention the pagan tree mythos found in lots of English mythology. (See Robert Graves’s ‘White Goddess’ if you really want to trip out on trees.)

And of course Beowulf.

Remember, Tolkien was first and foremost a scholar — a linguist, translator, and an academician. This LOTR stuff is interesting — and it certainly turned out be Tolkien’s bread and butter — not to mention Christopher Tolkien’s monetary mainstay.

But let’s not forget that Tolkien was, indeed, part of a tradition and that his so-called innovations — or, at least, his imaginary realm — has its roots in many, many texts — all of which came before JRR was even a gleam in Daddy Tolien’s eye.

Do you think they deserve to win an oscar? I don’t know about that! I think the last movie was good, but the ending was a little long winded and it seemed to be mostly a regurgitation of the second movie.. Its still a five star movie though… No doubt.. The series puts Star Wars to shame.. I think Peter Jackson should direct the next Star Wars.. Maybe it can be saved?

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