I went through my comments in moderation because WP has been moderating everything again. I need to fix that – but meanwhile, I want to thank everyone for your well wishes. I truly appreciate it.

While going through the comments, I almost approved all the ones for “Lunesta” – I’m in the middle of reading Harry Potter, and I thought it was someone’s name at first. Until I realized I had about 250 comments from her. Then I remembered it is a drug.

I was zapped, poked and prodded yesterday. Literally. I had an Electromyography (EMG) and Nerve Conduction Study. Needles in my arm to record the muscle activity. Electrical pulse being applied to the skin forcing my hand and fingers to twitch. It was like a torture scene from a movie. (Ok, it wasn’t that bad – but that was what it reminded me of.)

The result is that I do have carpal tunnel syndrome. The doctor informed me that I have mild to moderate nerve damage, and he is writing up a report to send to my doctor. Funny thing is, my wrist doesn’t hurt anymore since the shot last Friday. Sure, my fingers get tingly still after awhile, but it still seems to be linked a lot more to my shoulder, which the neurologist said is a joint issue. I start physical therapy next week for that, so hopefully it will help.

Lunesta. Not the same as Luna. But now I feel Harry Potter calling for me. 200 pages left to go…

Links for Carpal Tunnel related issues:
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:: Physical Exam for Carpal Tunnel (My Phalen’s sign test results are dramatically improved from last week.)

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This is your Secert Pal thought I would drop by and say hi.:) So well Hi! Hope you are feeling better…
And get ready to be Spoiled!

Thanks for posting about your test. My 23 year-old daughter has been advised to have this test as well and she is scared to death about it after her GP described it. I think I’ll point her in the direction of your post so she can read about your experience.

Unfortunately knitting is another one of those activities that aggravates CTS, so slow down.

Speedy recovery!

I thought I might have carpal tunnel because I was having pain in my arm and an inability to lift things any more.

I saw the doctor and they said it was “tennis elbow” so I thought I was better off, no surgeries or anything.

But now I have it in BOTH arms and I have to wonder what the hell repetitive tasks I ever performed with both arms.

I thought it was all from the computer, so carpal tunnel would have made sense to me.

But now nothing makes sense, especially not tennis elbow.

Enough about me though, I’m glad they at least correctly diagnosed your problem and hope that it will be remedied soon.

I was told by my GP back in high school that I have carpal tunnel syndrome, but I’ve never been to a specialist for it. my hands drive me absolutely nuts, though. sometimes the pain travels all the way up to my elbow and sometimes I can hardly grip things when I’ve been using my hands a lot at work.

I’m glad they were able to diagnose the source of your pain. I’ve been suffering from back/neck/hand pain for over a year now and they haven’t been able to help me at all…I’ve called and made an appointment to have the tests done that you mentioned. Thanks for the info.

Is this going to affect your knitting & computing for the long-term?

I’ve been coping with the CTS/RSS pain which radiates to the shoulder(s) on and off for over 20 years now. I had that neuro test to speak of and have been diagnosed in one arm with 15% nerve damage.

My pain/condition goes away when I lighten up on pc work. What has transformed… and I realy do mean eliminate pain totally and enable me to spend extended periods on my pc again has been accupuncture combined with certain tai chi/martial arts stretches for my hands and upper body. I do them everyday and have not had a recurrence. In fact the strength in my hands/arms has returned.

I didn’t believe any of this would work, but a friend bet me $100 that the Matt Furey exercise tape would work and it did. Accupuncture can only minimize and eliminate pain, the rest is in the strengthening exercises. My PT helped somewhat as some of the exercises in Furey’s tape are the same, but he has lots more and those were the ones that did the trick.

I’ve been there so I know what you’re going through. I know you’ll get better soon and will be able to go back to knitting like I did.

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