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Magical Moments in Las Vegas…

Las Vegas Taxi Driver playing his authentic Australian didgeridoo

The first night I was in Las Vegas this month for WPPI, before I ended up getting crazy sick, I headed over to Whole Foods with my friend Jane Ammon, a Philadelphia children’s photographer and a fellow coach-in-training. We were all staying at the Signature at the MGM, and our rooms each had a kitchenette, so we stocked up on goodies so that we wouldn’t have to dine out for every meal. Once we were done shopping on, Jane grabbed a maxi cab, waiting for her which she booked.

As I went to get in to the cab, the cab driver moved this wood stick thing. I thought it was some sort of rain stick. It was across the passenger seat, and he moved it over to the driver’s side, between his leg and the door. When we started talking about all the crazy things he must see in Las Vegas, he asked us if we had ever heard someone play an authentic Australian didgeridoo.

A whathuh???

Yes, our taxi driver sat at that red light and played the didgeridoo for us. He beat-boxed on it. It was INCREDIBLE. We were all in awe.

Sometimes things happen that are just so crazy, you can’t believe they are real. This was one of those moments.

When I got back to the Signature, I checked out the balcony view in Jane’s room. I was down on the 8th floor, and they were up on the 25th – they had a better view of the airport from their room. Facing away from the Strip, it was so quiet out there. I loved watching the planes take off.

Watching the planes take off in Las Vegas from the Signature at the MGM

Day 7 of 365. Photographs taken iPhone5 in Las Vegas, Nevada at WPPI 2013.

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