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Maybe They’re in Your Hometown?

51 Democrats that are members of the Texas House of Representatives are still on the run, hiding from the Texas Rangers. Pick up a set of the Most Wanted playing cards and then watch for them in your neighborhood. You never know, your town could be next! [via EJ]

In case you’re wondering, I’m not on the run with the Killer D’s – I have been slammed at work all week and last night I was out on the town with the fabulous H-Town Bloggers! Tonight? Tons of things I want to write about, but my cable modem (or my router) was acting up so I was offline. Again. Ugh. Oh well. More on the saga of my life later.

By Christine

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11 replies on “Maybe They’re in Your Hometown?”

These Democrats are acting like children. I hope they all get voted out of office next time around for wasting our tax dollars and not doing their jobs. It is time for them to grow up and do what they were voted to do, not run and hide every time they don’t get their way. Children.

I don’t see it that way. The didn’t have many options to stop the redistricting from passing due to the Republican majority in the House, and … well, I don’t think the redistricting should be done right now. It should be done after the next census, like it always is. The Republicans saw an opportunity to pass it through in their favor, bumped other things out of the way to push it through, and they are wasting my tax dollars on that when there are more important issues like the fact that our schools don’t even have enough textbooks that need to be focused on.

The only thing they could do is prevent a quorum so the vote couldn’t take place. I don’t see it as “running and hiding” – I see it as standing up to the Republicans – they just had to do it from across state lines. They followed the lead of the Republicans, who have used the same tactic themselves in the past to break a quorum.

I think they are all acting like children, on both sides. It’s a two way street, and either way – the citizens aren’t winning.

Yeah…I tried to find the article…it was AP news article…I’m sure you’ll see it on the news somewhere soon!

“On the road again, Just can’t wait to get on the road again…”

Am I missing the point of having the majority? So you can pass the things that you and therefore the constituents who elected you believe in? I mean it’s not like being a racial minority or something. They aren’t the minority for some superficial reason. They are the minority in an elected body. If we respect each other and believe all opinions are equal then it’s right for the most popular opinion to win and childish and borderline immoral for the minority opinion to try to subvert that very basic principle.

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